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Since we steered away from blogging and went ahead with the creation of a full blown website on China , too may things have happened to just list here. Among things, our site no longer deals with Beijing almost exclusively but now includes (almost) all of North- and North-West China. Find all of Provincial Capitals and major cities in China on our “Master Map of Asia Entire” and  navigate to your location of interest as you please.

As if that was not enough, by now we have also added a multitude of landmarks and monuments and their location. Jut enjoy a stiff browse around while we prepare to do more and turn this Map into the central menu of our entire site! Read it alike a book? No longer, navigate ur way through the map to your next adventure! With the latest map and site upgrades, and hopefully – the re-integration of this blog into our web-site at wwww.asiaeport.com.

Well, I am back on the road right now already!! See you all in a bit and welcome to DrBen’s Asia & China Live Blog featuring all worthwhile stories and day reports DrBen will be having from now on.


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DrBen China launches again on WordPress & Web.

DrBen’s China Blog Back to Active:

Alright, 10 months just abouts since DrBen’s last posting; high time to return this Blog, and with it return DrBen to his Road Expeditions in China and his website back into active. Of course, you would like the get more introductions to China from DrBen straight away, as you have been used to. However,as we have worked to expand, we have also altered the site system to include so much more. Including you! Mind you, the site navigation and lay out have changed considerably, which means that visitors may need some instructions for succesful use of our renewed system.

Therefor, before we upload a first Blog item and publish yet another free In-Depth review of some City, Monument or Landmark in China, a short recap of the hard work done over the last many months. Not only is the overhaul near complete, as far as DrBen is concerned it is also high time to get you more involved in all the travel fun!

In 2013 DrBen and his future wife traveled from East to West in North China for 2 months in a row. We are still editing the results into our gaint database on China and more. Can one man see and record all? Not likely, but one man can lay the foundations and build a system for everyone to fill, work with and get enjoyment from!

Yes, so far it has been only DrBen trailblazing the road, sweating it, paying the way and doing the fun work of mapping, photographing and describing what to know and expect in corners of China, but – since the world is connected and our fan base has grown sufficiently, DrBen decided it is time to take the step and invite you not only to watch , read and follow, but to participate and where you can contribute. Now you can take to the road with DrBen’s Asia Report too ! You’ll never have a reason for staying home again. Does that get you excited at all? Then, by all means please read on and find some instructions on how to navigate and enjoy the new site format. Further on, we’ll give you suggestions on how to become more interactive with us and other China Report fans.

ChinaReport.com morphs into AsiaReport.com:

As you may recall from the previous blog item, we were upgrading our system not only to cover Beijing and North China, but were planning to include all of China and also “the rest of Asia”. Far Easier said than done indeed, but yes – 10 months of hard work and considerable dedication later we think we have finally done it. That is,the current system as you can now browse it is not perfect yet, – and also not “complete”- but DrBen is certainly convinced he can now offer everyone interested an entirely new form of electronic navigation of China and Asia, not yet available anywhere else on the internet.

Is that good enough to raise your eyebrows? Good, then you should certainly read on and dig into our site.  We hope we will get you hooked on Asia and Travels enough to get you to like us on Facebook, become a Community Friend at Asia Travel Community and in case you had wanted to, get down to China and Asia to do some proper exploring yourself. Among things, we hope are opening the possibilities for having your very own travel experiences (video (Vlog) – writing (Blog), Maps etc) shared among the interested friends in our Community and so build our travel database faster, and make it more interesting , fun and educational for everyone.

It may take you some browsing time on our site at AsiaReport.com to completely fathom the extend of what was announced just above. Since, so many things have changed and it all may seem somewhat overwhelming, here are some handy points listing the main changes to DrBen’s web-site.

+Naturally, the first momentous change to be announced is that we are now including all of Asia, all Nations. Accordingly, anyone may now find the Index of our site easily via the URL: http://www.AsiaReport.com.Schermafbeelding 2016-02-16 om 05.59.21

Index Page of AsiaReport.com with links to Google Map. Old style navigation links to various sites like AsiaMaps.com and the Nations and their Chapters by Province, City, county, etc.

+ Although AsiaReport.com has its own Index Page on web. In effect, the main navigational page to use at this time is not this Index page, but the attached Google Map of Asia. Click through from the main Index via the Blue Text Link under the bottom left of the Google Map Image (take a good look). For your information: this Map is identified in Google Search as “AsiaReport.com Mastermap of Asia (Entire)”. Apart from the Domain / URL change, this is the Second most important functional change that has taken place over the past 10 months.

Please click through to the following Link and see the Mastermap of Asia in a seperate window – AsiaReport.com Mastermap of Asia. As one may tell at a glance, after being slightly overwhelmed by the amount of pinpoints, almost all National Borders in Asia have been added to this Map, as have all National Capitals and their according International Airports. And much more is yet to come!Schermafbeelding 2016-02-16 om 06.00.05

DrBen’s “Mastermap of Asia (Entire)” as published and available Online.

Please don’t be turned off by the pinpoint clusters, instead: try first to zoom closer in on locations on this map. Liking it better yet? Naturally, this is just the beginning of a more thorough browse.

Basic Google Map Navigation:

As for the basic navigation of all our available maps. Please note; on the left side of the screen is window displaying a list of all Map Pins. Try clicking a pin in the listing – and the map will automatically move to this point on the earth globe. How convenient!

In addition there is a search box and function as well. Search for any geographic name or location in the lists easily to find the location and subject of your interest.

Did we say: Lists! Yes indeed. As one may tell when scrolling the list: the map has several “layers”, which is really helpful for anyone who wants to undo some of (seeming) clutter on the map. To try this option, simple click the fill box left adjacent the top of each Layer Listing, and voila’ – the entire “layer” of pin-points disappears from your view. Re-click the fill box to undo this!

AsiaReport.com Site Navigation:

+All Sovereign Nations in Asia are linked seperately from the site, creating a seperate website for each Nation/ Country. Please link through site, index – or when navigating through the Google Map; find the according National Border of Interest and find a Link to your Nation of choice. As one may found, there are many National chapters all found under their seperate URL’s – that is http://www.MongoliaReport.com for Mongolia, http://www.KoreasReport.com for the Korea’s and so on. Open a seperate window to check in on these websites – for instance: TajikistanReport.com. Naturally, one may also navigate to the same web location via the Google Map.

+ All Sovereign Nations will be covered by  use of additional extensive Maps. Please find already, the maps of Kuwait, Qatar, Bhutan, The Peoples Republic of China and a growing number of other National Maps coming online under the main domain AsiaReport.com. Try for Instance the Map of Bhutan , our Map of the Maldives Islands or the Map of the South China Sea. As you will find, via Facebook, Twitter and other channels you can contribute to the content and share your stories! What, me? Yes, you ! And any of your friends if they are willing to go on adventure.

+ All Map points have according information in brief on the location chosen. In addition, video’s and photo’s have been added to the pinpoint data box where available. No longer will you have to wait for DrBen to blog it, or read through his tediously long texts … – now simply select one or all video’s and watch it, getting your location information and an idea on where you are going just right there in your arm chair or on your mobile device anywhere on the road. How about that, huh? Yes, please do go ahead and allow yourself plenty of time to explore the map, click all pinpoints and find out what kind of adventures may await there! Wow – I think I am feeling more energized already. How about you?


Why sit there and watch how others take the photographs and have the greatest experiences of their life-time? Grab a snack, mobilize your friends and take to the map to find your adventure. You don’t just have to sit there no more but can get to planning your road trip straight off the bat. (Photo: Beijing Qianmen Hutong Nov. 2013)

+ All Maps points have links allowing for click through and navigation to AsiaReport.com site and the article(s) written on that location by DrBen. Just so you can still enjoy all old and any newly published article by DrBen; Please select any location and link through to the appropriate backgrounder page of interest. For instance: White Pagoda – Wanbu Huayanjingta, Saihan District (–), Hohhot City Prefecture (呼和浩特市 ; ᠬᠥᠬᠡᠬᠣᠲᠠ), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (内蒙古自治区), China (P.R.C.) – and find accordingly links to 1) The White Pagoda, 2) Saihan District, 3) Hohhot City (a general introduction), 4) a link to the Chapter Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and 5) finally also a link to the main navigation menu for China (Peoples’ Republic not including Taiwan).


A Traditional Korean styled farmhouse in Longjing County of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of China. No matter how remote, cold, hot or otherwise challenging it is interesting to be there and report on it.

So far, enough for you to try out and explore. Be BRAVE, try the map and all options! And of course .. if you please follow and/or stick around to find a next Blog Item introducing on how to participate and share your travel blog, your vlog material, photo’s or maybe even other things you have been inspired to.

DrBen will be back on the Blog about some interesting location with a story very soon. See you then!

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Chilling out with the history of the Ming Dynasty and its various legendary Emperors http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0295981091/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0295981091&linkCode=as2&tag=wwwasiareport-20 Which will be an essential chapter to bring you before we attempt any really serious description of the historical and cultural value of all the various Great Wall of China sections around the city of Beijing http://www.asiareport.com/ChinaReport/Sources/Travel/Great_Wall_China/List-Great-Wall-China-Locations-Coordinates-Beijing_City_Prov.html, a whapping 42 in total so far (1 may be added).

Enjoy your browse and have a bit of patience while i proceed to fill in some of the missing link pages and their essential information. For now, you can already learn more about the Great Wall of China of the Ming Dynasty by reading about the structures that made up the Great Wall >> http://www.asiareport.com/ChinaReport/Sources/Travel/Great_Wall_China/Structures_ot_Great_Wall.html Check it out and i am sure you will learn something new.

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Google Map Beijing-Tianjin and Hebei Great Wall of China – Full

Google Map Beijing-Tianjin and Hebei Great Wall of China – Full

A Great apology to all who have been leaving ur many positive reactions here. Thank you, it helps me (us at asiareport.com) to get back on the job and reminds me that Bd a fun, useful and integral part of our website. So my apologies for not posting more here on wordpress. However, this does not at all mean that we have not been trying to expand upon the already published materials. The good news is: from a frame-work for all of Beijing we have gone to a framework for all of China. And Mongolia (See: http://www.MongoliaReport.com) !The Bad news is: we have kept you waiting for new information, especially on my favorite city Beijing, a bit too long. I hope we can all celebrate our return to the city of Beijing starting right here: follow the Link and enjoy your Google exploration of each known segment of the Great Wall of China near Beijing, and … stay tuned for a LOT more?

Ps: We have the Great Wall and also the Forbidden City lined up for completion soon. Look out for it !

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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More Items Reviewed – Update on China’s Ethnic Minorities

So much for working another night and another week on perfecting your Online experience with DrBen.Net and ChinaReport.com.  As for all the earlier news -as Blogged here,  DrBen and his crew are back from the Technical Front and have resumed working on what is most urgently at hand:  filling the many gaps inside what is otherwise a pretty exciting and -we bet and hope- useful website for those who want to travel in China and/or are just generally interested in the history and culture.
All of this brings us back to our earlier promise, to slowly review some of the Items that were published on Drben.Net over the last many months, resulting -so far- in a Number 538 thousand 218  website ranking worldwide (according to www.alexa.com). 
After revealing some of the new additions on The Great Wall of China (see this blog), Let’s now have a peek at one of the other sections of the China Report website and turn the page to China’s 56 Ethnic Minority Groups. Much has happened in this section since it first appeared, roughly around one year ago.
First decsribed were the Manchu & Tungusic People, who are Tribes and Ethnic Groups who reside mainly in Manchuria or North-Eastern China. Then came the Mongolians, -a people who can’t be ignored, if only for the huge troubles they have managed to put the Han Chinese through in their lenghty mutual history-, and subsequently a number of the 10 Islamic Ethnic Groups of China.
From here, DrBen has moved on with the daunting task of reviewing a considerable lot of other peoples in China.
For instance the latest groups to join the Online Library at China Report: All minority groups in China of European Blood, then the Korean or Chaoxian Ethnic Group, and so far the latest; the Kirgiz (Kirghiz or Kyrgyz) and The Kazakh, both nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples residing in very remote and rough regions in the far West of China. A Third group described in Maps, Fotos and video are the smallest Ethnic Group in China, the Lhoba of Tibet. The Lhoba are an unusual group who have only recently been truly connected to  modern civilization. Regardless, helped by Government incentives and international donors the Lhoba have grown in number and are adapting rapidly to the new opportunities given to them. Nevertheless, for those who would like to see the Lhoba in their most original state, today is definitly a better to travel to their remote home than tomorrow.
Mind you, the Dalai Lama may have some cause to complain on the loss of traditional Tibetan Culture within Tibet, however the fate of the Lhoba, a small people who used to be in the lowest drawer of Tibetan Civilization, is quite another story. Not only are there far fewer Lhoba, their ways are completely unique and adapted to life in forrest and on mountain slopes.  They in turn are on the verge of assimilating with mainstream Tibetan Culture and may be lost forever……
 Anyway, there is much more to be known about the Lhoba and a visit to their homeland would make for a remarkable trip and an unforgettable experience. That much is clear when reading their story.
Find the Lhoba described inside The China Report (Arts & Culture – Ethnic Minorities Section) and who knows- you might travel to Lhuoyu Region of South-Eastern Tibet where they make their homeland, and smoke a peace pipe with them yourself !
For any traveling and studying purposes, or just for interest and fun,  please make use of the Map of Language Area’s in China (PRC) – China Ethno-Liguistic Map (1964AD) which was added recently and now holds most (but not yet all!) ethnic minority regions in China, including Autonomous Prefectures and Autonomous Counties. This Map makes navigation among the various stories and maps of the Minority Groups of China much easier, more logical and – in fact pretty smooth.
Enjoy our "preview" if you will while DrBen, supported by Staff, attempts to make another huge dent in the long list of 56 minority peoples’ in the huge Peoples’ Republic of China !!
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On Top of the Wave !! – More Net Tech News

More Breaking Tech News as DrBen.Net Rides the Top of the Digital Wave and adds Google Maps + Latitude to ALL Site Levels !
Browse around DrBen.Net to discover what it looks like in DrBen’s famous "Cartoon"-style of web-publishings, or simply head directly to the new website on the small and untill very recently highly reclusive Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan. It just became a constitutional Monarchy (as are The Netherlands) and is now opening up to the world just a Tad Bit……. As close personal friends and perhaps, year-long followers have come to know- usually that is enough for DrBen to get in- and around. Afterall, DrBen has a unique method of personal relations, a lot of cultural respect and understanding, and some other Talents. Not to mention the powerful influences of the 9Th Cloud Buddha, who seems to keep re-appearing on his long Road and throughout his arduous struggles.
So, here we go with the first preparations in case of any such event as an opportunity to tour Bhutan.
Find Bhutan as by DrBen under the Domain Name: http://www.BhutanReport.com.
The Kingdom of Bhutan has now officially become part of DrBen’s Theatre of Operations and .. In-Shallah -God willing -Site Visitors and Twitter Birds can follow DrBen via Google Latitude, GMaps & Twitter while he makes his way about the Peoples Republic of China, Bhutan or Mongolia, or perhaps even Korea ! For now-as published on this Blog- focus will be on The Great Wall of China in 5 Provinces and 1 Autonomous Region. Other presumable lenghty stop-overs on the 2009 Itenerary so far include Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province (China), and the Nation of North Korea (DPRK), two out of not two but Three Koreas as you will Discover.
Revisit this Blog, Tune in to ChinaReportcom1 on Twitter and See that upcoming soon in the next Months of 2009 – AND DO SUPPORT US (so we can go to the MAX !!).
One can buy books, click and make use of google supported advertizement links, send in donations, send in cash money, diamonds, gold bars. Whichever thing you’d like to give and SEE this project move your computer, DrBen and urself as never before. LIVE.
(Ok- as far as that goes -usually DrBen is left to front the cash himself.)(Its a hard world for artistic types, what can ya’ say)
Meanwhile, we will be completing the inclusion of some more G-Maps (I-slang) and adding the Nation of Nepal under the Name Nepal Report at www.NepalReport.com.
Other site upgrades may go up without Notice.
Keep browsing and discovering then, as usual with DrBen at DrBen.Net.
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Digital Revolution continues->DrBen.Net – ChinaReport joins Twitter !!

BREAKING TECH NEWS: DrBen, DrBen.Net & www.ChinaReport.com join TWITTER.
After being among the first Europeans to join up for the try out of Google Latitude, the new Google GPS Tracking system for ur mobile device, DrBen surges on the wave of technological innovations recently introduced.  In anticipation of plans for the coming Months, DrBen goes LIVE AND MOBILE and joins TWITTER !

(Image: DrBen among Tulips in his native "Holland". The Worlds Most Beautiful Flower Park at Easter, how is that for a Relax ??)

Finds us under the twitter name: ChinaReportcom1, and URL: http://twitter.com/ChinaReportcom1.
Mind You: ChinaReportcom1 represents DrBen’s Personal Mobile Device, which will be featured in the year 2009’s Travels and Reports on the Peoples Republic of China, or any other Reporting regarding Chinese Culture and matters. ChinaReport1 can be followed not only LIVE via Twitter and semi-live via this BLOG. Join up with DrBen and ChinaReport at Google Latitude (http://www.google.com/ig) and track DrBen & ChinaReportcom1 Device using GPS on the Google Map of China.
So Far DrBen is still stuck in Groningen, The Netherlands, writing, networking, publishing, preparing funding and aquiring technology needed for his ambitious 2009 Plans. Twitter activity may therefor at Times be low, or unrelated to China etc. So be it ! Join up and be There when DrBen takes to Skies and returns to China once more !! Help DrBen along ? Visit www.ChinaReport.com, browse around and Click Some Banners. True China Fans can order a variety of Books and DVDs to help build a monumental site on China. Order from Our CHINA REPORT ONLINE STORE.
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First 2009 Update on The China Report

Already Mid-April in 2009 AD, and after a short & very necessary Easter Holiday,  DrBen returns refreshed to his (Favorite) Life’s Mission – The China Report.
Some very sunny and pleasant spring days have passed, among things seeing DrBen return to his Dutch roots as well as exploring Old "Guanxi" Connections in the Political Capital of The Netherlands, The Hague.  Many new plans  and idea’s to be developed have been set up for the coming few Months,  including the phased introduction of new system including google maps, more emphasis on e-commerce and a broader line of products to add to your information and our China Report Stories, a new expedition to The Peoples Republic of China and then some.
Depending on YOUR donations and your help in funding the China Report Project, plenty of new subjects and site-additions will pass the Review in April and May of 2009. So, stay "tuned".
Meanwhile, DrBen and his China Report Staff hope you had an equally pleasant and enjoyable Easter Holiday.
We now Return from a very lenghty absence to Update The China Report MSN Blog.  Although this Blog was inactive for months on End, many new information pages have been created inside DrBen.Net and www.ChinaReport.com.  Starting with the Latest, Largest and Most Popular subject- The Great Wall of China, in the coming weeks we will attempt to Track Back in Time and provide a small overview of the Best New Publications involving Dunhuang and JiayuGuan on The Silk Road in Gansu Province, overviews of the Manchurian Provinces of Liaoning and Jilin, added Maps of China, some useful Reports on various Ethnic Minorities in China and their Locations and other worthwhile additions.
Let’s Have a Look.
The Great Wall of China:
To Kick Off our journey back in Time at DrBen.Net let’s first focus on the awe inspiring Grandeur of one of the largest engineering feats in ancient Chinese and Human History, the construction, maintainance and defense of The Great Wall of China.
As described in our Recently Updated Introduction to this Historic Marvel, the current day remnants of the Chinese Wall date mainly from the Ming Dynasty Era (1368 AD – 1644 AD) and stretch across an amazing variety of terrains, climates and ethnic boundaries. All of these make China’s Great Wall unique and contribute to the might of its story, the fascinating story of Chinese Civilization , the Inner Kingdom and its Walled Borders , The Nomadic Tribes and the ancient Silk Road.
(Photo: Great Wall of China at Luowenyu , as Photographed by Willam Geil in 1908 AD)
 Some parts of the current day Great Wall of China have been restored and many locations can be visited today. 
Having 1st visited China’s Renowned Wall in Januari of the Year 2000 at Badaling near Beijing, it took until November and December of 2008 AD when DrBen went almost  the entire length, all the way from China’s Capital City at Beijing to Dunhuang Oasis between the Gobi Desert and the Taklamakan Desert (Takla-amakan) to finally take up the considerable challenge of covering the venerable old wall and so make his personal Tribute to it.
In the new Great Wall of China Report, we travel the length of the Wall from the oldest sections that date to the Han Dynasty Era (206 BC – 221 AD)  far away in the Western Deserts, on a splendid journey through 5 Northern Provinces and One Autonomous Region, to the Eastern Coast at Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province.
So far available for readers to explore: two quite spectacular Great Wall of China locations in Gansu ProvinceDunhuang Area and Jiayuguan Area Great Wall.  Then skipping over several Wall locations in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region there are completed Reports on three Great Wall of China Sites in Shaanxi ProvinceYanchi, Dingbian and Yulin Fortress . Further Eastward Three more Great Wall of China sites in (North) Shanxi ProvincePian Guan– where the Great Wall meets the Yellow River, Yanmen Guan – the Wild Goose Pass and Pingxing Guan – The Flat Pass and site of the Pingxing Victory over the Invading Japanese in 1937 AD.
The Latter two Passes belong to an Inner Layer of the Great Wall. The Great Wall of China has multple layers, especially around Beijing,  a concept and fact not everyone has yet heard about.  Surely, this is a subject we can help clarify !
Last but not least there are several sections of The Great Wall of China in Hebei Province already available with text and (some) photo and video-material. Have Fun browsing these new Report Pages while the China Report Staff works around the clock to include all available source information and publish the best and most complete info on more Great Wall of China Locations.
(Image: Map of China, the Path of the Great Wall and its relation to Cities, Nations, Rivers and the
 Pathway of the Ancient Silk Road in China.)
In the next phase, later this year China Report will travel back to China and take you even further, to the (almost) very Eastern End of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall (Overview Map), the Great Wall of Tiger Mountain, overlooking the Yalu River near Dandong in Liaoning Province on the North Korean Border.
Last but not Least in November DrBen will return to his 2008 steps and make a lenghty tour of Gansu Province, planning to visit a number of Great Wall Sites in Gansu and possibly Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, an ethnic enclave locked between deserts and nourished by The Great Yellow River (Huang He). Changes of Plan may come at any Time, naturally, as DrBen enjoys wild travel best.
As the most popular subject regarding China on The Internet, DrBen has long felt he had been given too little Time and Opportunity to honor The Great "Wan Li Chang Cheng", the 10.000 Li Long Wall.  Follow the below story and learn some facts on The Great Wall, discover some Great Scenery and Travel with DrBen -or on your very own-  using the internet, our information and perhaps your very feet, to GO AND uncover romantic hints of the mystique of the Silk Road.
(Images: Great Wall of China on a Steep Cliff at a (so-far) un-identified location.
Link: Guide Book – enjoy China to its Fullest, available from our Online Store)
Join the Adventure now and Meet The Great Wall of China in Person:
For early birds and eager Travelers who cant wait to get on the Road and see the Great Wall in China for themselves,  please use our recently prepared Listing of GPS Coordinates of Great Wall of China Locations, to plan your very own Mission.
In Fact: Anyone can Bring their Blackberry or other Mobile Device along on their Trip to China, can join up with DrBen at Google Latitude, and enjoy the 2009 AD Season traveling in China while sending your Reports and Video’s in to The China Report and your own Blog, FaceBook Page or any other online digital media you may prefer.
Help create a document on The Globally Famous World Cultural Heritage Chinese Great Wall and have the trip of a life-time in the same go ! The Media? That is YOU !
Next up: "Official Opening" of  our section on Gansu Province in West China, currently under development.
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Revolution in (Virtual) Beijing – a Review of Last Months works

Stepping over the incredible inspirations (and Photos) taken away from Last Novembers’ Tour of Far Gansu Province, China we first move on to some recent additions and updates at the China Report.  As usual, these are almost too many to mention after such a long stay-away from blogging and cover a wide-range of subjects, but we will try and give you a proper overview of what was recently newly Published on this website.
First, Lets take you directly Back to the City of Beijing, and the starting point of DrBen’s 2007 Journey through China.
Among the recently Published Reports on this City are a few that highlight the recently ended Revolutionary Century of China.
Not too many Foreigners know very much of this Part of Chinese History, including still DrBen himself, however – understanding the Revolutionary History of China is fundamental understanding the architectural History of the City of Beijing and it current State. Or at Least, for an Important part.
Possibly even more Important and Interesting, Understanding the Revolutionary Century of China also means understanding the Chinese People, and getting an insight into motivations that still drive the Chinese State, Diplomacy and Foreign Politics today.
As such, we –The China Report Staff– were forced to delve into our Books, Files and Photos, and uncover more of this historic Era and backgrounds to its events.
We are hereby Proud to present to you some recent materials among which First and Foremost our 1 Page Report on the Monument of the May the 4Th Movement in the DongCheng District of Beijing.
 Monument to the May the 4Th Monument.
After 1949 AD Beijing became the central City in China’s far reaching Revolution, and TiananMen Square and lesser known Monuments within Beijing reflect this Great Role in History.  The May the 4Th Movement Monument is one of those small and easily overlooked Monuments that is part of Beijing’s Revolutionary Era Architecture. Read the Report for Directions to the Site of the Monument as well as some historic backgrounds to the May the 4Th Movement itself. As a Bonus, to be published soon, the Report extends on the May the 4Th Movement and Revolutionary History by highlighting the Events of December the 12Th 1937 AD, when yet another Chapter of the Revolutionary Chinese Book played itself out among the stretches of Road between the May 4Th Movement Monument and ShenwuMen, the North Gate of the Palace Museum at Jingshan Park. We will keep you in suspense about this for a bit more, though.
 Revolutionary Past at Dondan Park.
Next up is in our List of Revolutionary Sites is the Small Dongdan Park in another part of the above mentioned DongCheng District. Not much can be told about the Revolution and the location of Dongdan Park, however it was constructed as an orginal part of the Modern Revolutionary Capital in the 1950s and as such has its very own "Stalinistic-with-Chinese-Caracteristics" Type Revolutionary Statue.  If you love them and are looking for these kinds of Statues, Dongdan has to be included in your List. Today, wholy other things are going on at DongDan Park, however you will have to review are 1 Page Report for this information.
Earlier in history Dongdan Park was the location of a German Colonial Hospital, which leads us further into Chinese History and to what are today the Remnants of the Foreign Legations in the Imperial City, the so called Beijing Legations Quarter.
 Gate of the Former Japanese Legation at Zheng Yi Road, former Canal Street in the Legations Quarter.
The Beijing Legations and the wider City of Beijing were a main Battle-ground during the Summer of 1900 AD in what what is widely known as the "Boxer War". This aggressive Colonial War, was another important event in Chinese Revolutionary History that had evolved from the situation after the earlier supressed TaiPIng Rebellion and would lead up to the May the 4Th of 1919 AD and the resulting May the 4Th Movement. The May the 4TH Movement of 1919 AD stood at the roots of the China Communist Party, which was founded only 2 years later in Shanghai, heavily influenced by the philisophers and thinkers of the May 4Th Movement.
Now Available for you 9 Pages of the Full 11 Page Report on the Beijing (Former) Legations Quarter, its history, its former architecture and Todays remnants in this Area of DongCheng District. Browse around the Legations Quarter and get more aquainted with Beijing as a City, as well as with the rich History of the Colonial Past and the Revolutionary Century in China’s Recent past.
As described withing the 11 Pages of our Report, the Boxer War was a Crude and Superstitious, however nevertheless Nationalist upstirring that was provoked by half a Century of Foreign Encroachment since the Chinese Defeat at the hand of Allied European Powers in the 1840-42 AD First Opium War. Since 1840 AD things had rapidly gone downhill for China and its Economy. The Political Legitimacy of the Ruling Dynasty, the Ching, grossly weakened by the Foreign military, technological, economical and cultural onslaught, was waning.  Challenged by Foreigners, but helped to remain in Power after yet another Opium War in 1860 AD that extorted new and painful concessions, the TaiPing Rebellion against the Ching Dynasty as well as the Foreigners, was only a forbode of the mixed feelings Chinese People had about the new world situation and their now open economy.
The Chinese had been welcoming more and more of the new influences and technology, but on the other hand were starting to stir evermore strongly against these as well.
The TaiPing Rebellion was hard to stamp out and lasted a full decade, paralyzing Chinese internal transport and Trade. A similar Rebellion, the Nian, was also extinguished with Pain. The 1900 AD Boxer Rebellion and the idea’s and Political Movements that spawned from it however, would be impossible to Stop. Read More Facts and Details while exploring the Beijing Legations Quarter by browsing our 11 Page Report and Photo-Virtual Walk of this Area under Historic Protection !
 Former French Post Office and Telegraph Station at East Legation Street (Former).
The May the 4Th Movement, although far less known than its predecessors the TaiPing Rebellion and the YiHoTuan "Boxer" Movement, was a cornerstone Movement of great importance.  It was a fundamental Movement of Chinese Self-Emancipation equal to both, however it possesed a drastically new way of thinking. Thinking that was inspired through the influx of Foreign Ideas and News, among which the theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, as well as the ongoing events in other parts of the world. Before Communist Leadership however, first came the First Republic of China, established in the year 1911 AD.
Find More on this short-lived but fundamental Revolution in Chinese History in the next Report in this Beijing City Revolutionary Monuments Listing, the Report Pages on Zhongshan Park and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park, together dedicated to Chinese Culture and the Sun Yat-Sen episode in the Revolutionary Century.
 Bronze Statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen at Zhongshan/SunYat-Sen Park.
At Sun Yat-Sen Park we find an abundance of Traditional Architecture as well as plenty of Revolution and History.  Most important is the Statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and his Memorial (Bai Dian), however there is much more to be found at this Park, of Revolutionary, Traditional or Historic Nature.
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen was …
As can be read in detail in our Report on the Park and Facilities, other features include the Forbidden City Concert Hall, the Square Altar used in the Ancient Imperial Fertility Rituals as well as an abundance of Tributs to todays Members of the (local) Communist Party and the Government of the City of Beijing.
From Dr. Sun and his First Republic revolutionary history jumps in time to the Chinese Communist Party and the person of one Mao Zedong.
At the time of the 1921 AD Shanghai founding of the Chinese Communist Party Mao Zedong was only a lesser figure within Chinese Revolutionary ranks, but nevertheless he was a founding Member of the China Communist Party.
Earlier, at the Time of the 1919 AD Protests against the unfair Versailles Treaty concluding the First World War in Europe, Mao had travelled from Hunan Province to Beijing with his Teacher (one Professor Yang Changji, his high school teacher and future father-in-law). Eversince he had been living in Beijing. And not only that, he had landed himself a job at the Library of the prestigious Peking (Beijing) University, the national bullwark of revolutionary thoughts and philosophy. Mao Zedong had become an assistant Librarian and Li Dazhao (the writer and revolutionary thinker) was his curator.
Li Dazhao was a central Person in the May 4Th Movement. The Protests of the 1919 AD had passed but the City of Beijing and China entire were almost ready for even more Revolutionary Stirrings. Mao Zedong was infiltrating the political ranks of the Future.
 The Hutong and Former House of Mao Zedong in Beijing.
Mao Zedong lived near the Bell Tower of Beijing from May/June of 1919 AD to at least the summer of 1921 AD. Meanwhile he enlisted as a Part Time student at Peking University.
The Beijing period of his early Life shaped the future Mao Zedong for a large part. At the University and at his Home in Beijing Mao read as much as possble, and it was in Beijing that he was introduced into the (early) theories of Marxism-Leninism. Mao further Married his second wife in Beijing, Yang Kaihui the Profesors Daughter, who he later abondonned for the Revolution.
Find the former Hutong Home of later Chairman Mao Zedong in yet another section of the Dongcheng District, just North of the Ancient and Magnificent Bell Tower and its Hutong Market. Although Photos of the Street and former Home of Mao Zedong and even sound for the Report are available, we are still in the process of Publishing this Report for lack of some crucial historic information on Mao in Beijing.
 Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-Chek Toast the Demise of the Japanese.
This Last Report so far concludes our recent List of Reportings on Remnants of Revolution in Beijing. 
As every world citizen probably knows by now, the Ancient Imperial City of Beijing will proudly be the Host of the 2008 Olympic Games. It is also the central city in our website building so far. As such, especially this Year Beijing City & Province will be the main focus of our website.
As most regular visitors will realize, much work remains to be done to complete the online City of Beijing, a truely ambitious task.
Not only is Beijing a City of now over 16 million citizens, a mega-metropolis, furthermore in has been rapidly modernizing in the last 10 years, culminating in the 2008 and 2010 City Development Plan. For this reason, descriptions of some parts of this extensive City can only be delivered at the Very Last Moments. Among these parts of Beijing are firstly: The Beijing City Subway System, the 2008 update of which is Beijing delivered at this Time, secondly  the QianMen Area of Beijing, Dashilan Street and the Hutong of the wider areas surrounding these. All are currently under reconstruction, south of TiananMen Square. Thirdly, the Business District of ChaoYang which is in a rapid transversion from run-down Business Area into a Truely Modern CBD, again to be complete in 2010 AD. Last but in this case certainly not least should be mentioned the Beijing Olympic Venues in General, among which the Newly Opened (this week) Beijing Capital Airport Terminal and Transportation System. All of the Latter are being completed at this Time and will be covered by us Later.
Hopefully before the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, on August the 8Th of 2008.
As for the rest of Beijing. We have been working arduously to bring you More. Not only did the Latest Photo-Tour of China, in November 2007, include more than a weeks worth of Photography in and around the City, DrBen has plenty of Photos still to be published from the Years 2005 (few) and 2006 in China.
And then there are the Cities of Chengde, LuoYang, Lanzhou and the Chinese Section of the Silk Road.
 More Beijing and China Reports under Editing !
Updates continued in the Next Blog Item.
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