DrBen China launches again on WordPress & Web.

DrBen’s China Blog Back to Active:

Alright, 10 months just abouts since DrBen’s last posting; high time to return this Blog, and with it return DrBen to his Road Expeditions in China and his website back into active. Of course, you would like the get more introductions to China from DrBen straight away, as you have been used to. However,as we have worked to expand, we have also altered the site system to include so much more. Including you! Mind you, the site navigation and lay out have changed considerably, which means that visitors may need some instructions for succesful use of our renewed system.

Therefor, before we upload a first Blog item and publish yet another free In-Depth review of some City, Monument or Landmark in China, a short recap of the hard work done over the last many months. Not only is the overhaul near complete, as far as DrBen is concerned it is also high time to get you more involved in all the travel fun!

In 2013 DrBen and his future wife traveled from East to West in North China for 2 months in a row. We are still editing the results into our gaint database on China and more. Can one man see and record all? Not likely, but one man can lay the foundations and build a system for everyone to fill, work with and get enjoyment from!

Yes, so far it has been only DrBen trailblazing the road, sweating it, paying the way and doing the fun work of mapping, photographing and describing what to know and expect in corners of China, but – since the world is connected and our fan base has grown sufficiently, DrBen decided it is time to take the step and invite you not only to watch , read and follow, but to participate and where you can contribute. Now you can take to the road with DrBen’s Asia Report too ! You’ll never have a reason for staying home again. Does that get you excited at all? Then, by all means please read on and find some instructions on how to navigate and enjoy the new site format. Further on, we’ll give you suggestions on how to become more interactive with us and other China Report fans.

ChinaReport.com morphs into AsiaReport.com:

As you may recall from the previous blog item, we were upgrading our system not only to cover Beijing and North China, but were planning to include all of China and also “the rest of Asia”. Far Easier said than done indeed, but yes – 10 months of hard work and considerable dedication later we think we have finally done it. That is,the current system as you can now browse it is not perfect yet, – and also not “complete”- but DrBen is certainly convinced he can now offer everyone interested an entirely new form of electronic navigation of China and Asia, not yet available anywhere else on the internet.

Is that good enough to raise your eyebrows? Good, then you should certainly read on and dig into our site.  We hope we will get you hooked on Asia and Travels enough to get you to like us on Facebook, become a Community Friend at Asia Travel Community and in case you had wanted to, get down to China and Asia to do some proper exploring yourself. Among things, we hope are opening the possibilities for having your very own travel experiences (video (Vlog) – writing (Blog), Maps etc) shared among the interested friends in our Community and so build our travel database faster, and make it more interesting , fun and educational for everyone.

It may take you some browsing time on our site at AsiaReport.com to completely fathom the extend of what was announced just above. Since, so many things have changed and it all may seem somewhat overwhelming, here are some handy points listing the main changes to DrBen’s web-site.

+Naturally, the first momentous change to be announced is that we are now including all of Asia, all Nations. Accordingly, anyone may now find the Index of our site easily via the URL: http://www.AsiaReport.com.Schermafbeelding 2016-02-16 om 05.59.21

Index Page of AsiaReport.com with links to Google Map. Old style navigation links to various sites like AsiaMaps.com and the Nations and their Chapters by Province, City, county, etc.

+ Although AsiaReport.com has its own Index Page on web. In effect, the main navigational page to use at this time is not this Index page, but the attached Google Map of Asia. Click through from the main Index via the Blue Text Link under the bottom left of the Google Map Image (take a good look). For your information: this Map is identified in Google Search as “AsiaReport.com Mastermap of Asia (Entire)”. Apart from the Domain / URL change, this is the Second most important functional change that has taken place over the past 10 months.

Please click through to the following Link and see the Mastermap of Asia in a seperate window – AsiaReport.com Mastermap of Asia. As one may tell at a glance, after being slightly overwhelmed by the amount of pinpoints, almost all National Borders in Asia have been added to this Map, as have all National Capitals and their according International Airports. And much more is yet to come!Schermafbeelding 2016-02-16 om 06.00.05

DrBen’s “Mastermap of Asia (Entire)” as published and available Online.

Please don’t be turned off by the pinpoint clusters, instead: try first to zoom closer in on locations on this map. Liking it better yet? Naturally, this is just the beginning of a more thorough browse.

Basic Google Map Navigation:

As for the basic navigation of all our available maps. Please note; on the left side of the screen is window displaying a list of all Map Pins. Try clicking a pin in the listing – and the map will automatically move to this point on the earth globe. How convenient!

In addition there is a search box and function as well. Search for any geographic name or location in the lists easily to find the location and subject of your interest.

Did we say: Lists! Yes indeed. As one may tell when scrolling the list: the map has several “layers”, which is really helpful for anyone who wants to undo some of (seeming) clutter on the map. To try this option, simple click the fill box left adjacent the top of each Layer Listing, and voila’ – the entire “layer” of pin-points disappears from your view. Re-click the fill box to undo this!

AsiaReport.com Site Navigation:

+All Sovereign Nations in Asia are linked seperately from the site, creating a seperate website for each Nation/ Country. Please link through site, index – or when navigating through the Google Map; find the according National Border of Interest and find a Link to your Nation of choice. As one may found, there are many National chapters all found under their seperate URL’s – that is http://www.MongoliaReport.com for Mongolia, http://www.KoreasReport.com for the Korea’s and so on. Open a seperate window to check in on these websites – for instance: TajikistanReport.com. Naturally, one may also navigate to the same web location via the Google Map.

+ All Sovereign Nations will be covered by  use of additional extensive Maps. Please find already, the maps of Kuwait, Qatar, Bhutan, The Peoples Republic of China and a growing number of other National Maps coming online under the main domain AsiaReport.com. Try for Instance the Map of Bhutan , our Map of the Maldives Islands or the Map of the South China Sea. As you will find, via Facebook, Twitter and other channels you can contribute to the content and share your stories! What, me? Yes, you ! And any of your friends if they are willing to go on adventure.

+ All Map points have according information in brief on the location chosen. In addition, video’s and photo’s have been added to the pinpoint data box where available. No longer will you have to wait for DrBen to blog it, or read through his tediously long texts … – now simply select one or all video’s and watch it, getting your location information and an idea on where you are going just right there in your arm chair or on your mobile device anywhere on the road. How about that, huh? Yes, please do go ahead and allow yourself plenty of time to explore the map, click all pinpoints and find out what kind of adventures may await there! Wow – I think I am feeling more energized already. How about you?


Why sit there and watch how others take the photographs and have the greatest experiences of their life-time? Grab a snack, mobilize your friends and take to the map to find your adventure. You don’t just have to sit there no more but can get to planning your road trip straight off the bat. (Photo: Beijing Qianmen Hutong Nov. 2013)

+ All Maps points have links allowing for click through and navigation to AsiaReport.com site and the article(s) written on that location by DrBen. Just so you can still enjoy all old and any newly published article by DrBen; Please select any location and link through to the appropriate backgrounder page of interest. For instance: White Pagoda – Wanbu Huayanjingta, Saihan District (–), Hohhot City Prefecture (呼和浩特市 ; ᠬᠥᠬᠡᠬᠣᠲᠠ), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (内蒙古自治区), China (P.R.C.) – and find accordingly links to 1) The White Pagoda, 2) Saihan District, 3) Hohhot City (a general introduction), 4) a link to the Chapter Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and 5) finally also a link to the main navigation menu for China (Peoples’ Republic not including Taiwan).


A Traditional Korean styled farmhouse in Longjing County of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of China. No matter how remote, cold, hot or otherwise challenging it is interesting to be there and report on it.

So far, enough for you to try out and explore. Be BRAVE, try the map and all options! And of course .. if you please follow and/or stick around to find a next Blog Item introducing on how to participate and share your travel blog, your vlog material, photo’s or maybe even other things you have been inspired to.

DrBen will be back on the Blog about some interesting location with a story very soon. See you then!


About DrBen.com

I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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