On Top of the Wave !! – More Net Tech News

More Breaking Tech News as DrBen.Net Rides the Top of the Digital Wave and adds Google Maps + Latitude to ALL Site Levels !
Browse around DrBen.Net to discover what it looks like in DrBen’s famous "Cartoon"-style of web-publishings, or simply head directly to the new website on the small and untill very recently highly reclusive Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan. It just became a constitutional Monarchy (as are The Netherlands) and is now opening up to the world just a Tad Bit……. As close personal friends and perhaps, year-long followers have come to know- usually that is enough for DrBen to get in- and around. Afterall, DrBen has a unique method of personal relations, a lot of cultural respect and understanding, and some other Talents. Not to mention the powerful influences of the 9Th Cloud Buddha, who seems to keep re-appearing on his long Road and throughout his arduous struggles.
So, here we go with the first preparations in case of any such event as an opportunity to tour Bhutan.
Find Bhutan as by DrBen under the Domain Name: http://www.BhutanReport.com.
The Kingdom of Bhutan has now officially become part of DrBen’s Theatre of Operations and .. In-Shallah -God willing -Site Visitors and Twitter Birds can follow DrBen via Google Latitude, GMaps & Twitter while he makes his way about the Peoples Republic of China, Bhutan or Mongolia, or perhaps even Korea ! For now-as published on this Blog- focus will be on The Great Wall of China in 5 Provinces and 1 Autonomous Region. Other presumable lenghty stop-overs on the 2009 Itenerary so far include Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province (China), and the Nation of North Korea (DPRK), two out of not two but Three Koreas as you will Discover.
Revisit this Blog, Tune in to ChinaReportcom1 on Twitter and See that upcoming soon in the next Months of 2009 – AND DO SUPPORT US (so we can go to the MAX !!).
One can buy books, click and make use of google supported advertizement links, send in donations, send in cash money, diamonds, gold bars. Whichever thing you’d like to give and SEE this project move your computer, DrBen and urself as never before. LIVE.
(Ok- as far as that goes -usually DrBen is left to front the cash himself.)(Its a hard world for artistic types, what can ya’ say)
Meanwhile, we will be completing the inclusion of some more G-Maps (I-slang) and adding the Nation of Nepal under the Name Nepal Report at www.NepalReport.com.
Other site upgrades may go up without Notice.
Keep browsing and discovering then, as usual with DrBen at DrBen.Net.

About DrBen.com

I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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