More Items Reviewed – Update on China’s Ethnic Minorities

So much for working another night and another week on perfecting your Online experience with DrBen.Net and  As for all the earlier news -as Blogged here,  DrBen and his crew are back from the Technical Front and have resumed working on what is most urgently at hand:  filling the many gaps inside what is otherwise a pretty exciting and -we bet and hope- useful website for those who want to travel in China and/or are just generally interested in the history and culture.
All of this brings us back to our earlier promise, to slowly review some of the Items that were published on Drben.Net over the last many months, resulting -so far- in a Number 538 thousand 218  website ranking worldwide (according to 
After revealing some of the new additions on The Great Wall of China (see this blog), Let’s now have a peek at one of the other sections of the China Report website and turn the page to China’s 56 Ethnic Minority Groups. Much has happened in this section since it first appeared, roughly around one year ago.
First decsribed were the Manchu & Tungusic People, who are Tribes and Ethnic Groups who reside mainly in Manchuria or North-Eastern China. Then came the Mongolians, -a people who can’t be ignored, if only for the huge troubles they have managed to put the Han Chinese through in their lenghty mutual history-, and subsequently a number of the 10 Islamic Ethnic Groups of China.
From here, DrBen has moved on with the daunting task of reviewing a considerable lot of other peoples in China.
For instance the latest groups to join the Online Library at China Report: All minority groups in China of European Blood, then the Korean or Chaoxian Ethnic Group, and so far the latest; the Kirgiz (Kirghiz or Kyrgyz) and The Kazakh, both nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples residing in very remote and rough regions in the far West of China. A Third group described in Maps, Fotos and video are the smallest Ethnic Group in China, the Lhoba of Tibet. The Lhoba are an unusual group who have only recently been truly connected to  modern civilization. Regardless, helped by Government incentives and international donors the Lhoba have grown in number and are adapting rapidly to the new opportunities given to them. Nevertheless, for those who would like to see the Lhoba in their most original state, today is definitly a better to travel to their remote home than tomorrow.
Mind you, the Dalai Lama may have some cause to complain on the loss of traditional Tibetan Culture within Tibet, however the fate of the Lhoba, a small people who used to be in the lowest drawer of Tibetan Civilization, is quite another story. Not only are there far fewer Lhoba, their ways are completely unique and adapted to life in forrest and on mountain slopes.  They in turn are on the verge of assimilating with mainstream Tibetan Culture and may be lost forever……
 Anyway, there is much more to be known about the Lhoba and a visit to their homeland would make for a remarkable trip and an unforgettable experience. That much is clear when reading their story.
Find the Lhoba described inside The China Report (Arts & Culture – Ethnic Minorities Section) and who knows- you might travel to Lhuoyu Region of South-Eastern Tibet where they make their homeland, and smoke a peace pipe with them yourself !
For any traveling and studying purposes, or just for interest and fun,  please make use of the Map of Language Area’s in China (PRC) – China Ethno-Liguistic Map (1964AD) which was added recently and now holds most (but not yet all!) ethnic minority regions in China, including Autonomous Prefectures and Autonomous Counties. This Map makes navigation among the various stories and maps of the Minority Groups of China much easier, more logical and – in fact pretty smooth.
Enjoy our "preview" if you will while DrBen, supported by Staff, attempts to make another huge dent in the long list of 56 minority peoples’ in the huge Peoples’ Republic of China !!


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