Digital Revolution continues->DrBen.Net – ChinaReport joins Twitter !!

After being among the first Europeans to join up for the try out of Google Latitude, the new Google GPS Tracking system for ur mobile device, DrBen surges on the wave of technological innovations recently introduced.  In anticipation of plans for the coming Months, DrBen goes LIVE AND MOBILE and joins TWITTER !

(Image: DrBen among Tulips in his native "Holland". The Worlds Most Beautiful Flower Park at Easter, how is that for a Relax ??)

Finds us under the twitter name: ChinaReportcom1, and URL:
Mind You: ChinaReportcom1 represents DrBen’s Personal Mobile Device, which will be featured in the year 2009’s Travels and Reports on the Peoples Republic of China, or any other Reporting regarding Chinese Culture and matters. ChinaReport1 can be followed not only LIVE via Twitter and semi-live via this BLOG. Join up with DrBen and ChinaReport at Google Latitude ( and track DrBen & ChinaReportcom1 Device using GPS on the Google Map of China.
So Far DrBen is still stuck in Groningen, The Netherlands, writing, networking, publishing, preparing funding and aquiring technology needed for his ambitious 2009 Plans. Twitter activity may therefor at Times be low, or unrelated to China etc. So be it ! Join up and be There when DrBen takes to Skies and returns to China once more !! Help DrBen along ? Visit, browse around and Click Some Banners. True China Fans can order a variety of Books and DVDs to help build a monumental site on China. Order from Our CHINA REPORT ONLINE STORE.


I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of and and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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