Order out of Chaos – The Beijing Public Transportation System

Time Flies! Especially when you are having fun, or just like us, are very hard at work to achieve ambitious goals.
Even when one is succesful, there still is no time to chill out, lay back and enjoy the Fruits of Labour. In our case that is – Yet !!
Let’s have a look at the new additions to the China Report website.
We had promised to take you on a wild Tour of the City of Beijing, while we get our site (more or less) ready for next years Olympics in that city. As you may have infered from our Beijing Report and other pages in our website, we had great urges to inform you on several places of interest we still need to cover. However, the abundance of such historic places and sites in Beijing made us bog down in indecision   on what to write on first.
How to create order out of Chaos ?
After some careful deliberation, browsing around the web for info and a spark of inspiration & insight, we then decided to take you on an entirely different course. Afterall, how take you – the reader/viewer properly on a Tour of the City of Beijing, without having some insight into the City Lay-out and ofcourse, the best and most handy ways to get around the City ?!
We needed to get you on your way around the City first !
As a result, last weeks stint of writing produced a long overdue but very comprehensive and complete introduction to the Beijing City Public Transportation System.  As our more loyal visitors may know, we had already written an introduction to Beijing Busses and an Introduction to Beijing Taxi’s much earlier, the latest additions include information Beijing Western Railway Station, and, as mentioned, a comphrensive overall explanation of the Beijing City Transportation System.
As the planned Transportation System of the larger Beijing Mega-Metropolis is nearing the completion of it’s current stage (yes, there will be more .. ), you guessed it – in preparations for the August 2008 Olympic Summer Games of Beijing, it was finally possible to give you a good overview the current travel options within the City of Beijing. Before, changes went too fast to keep up with !
In short the new know-hows on city travel in Beijing: The Beijing International Airport (Capital) will open a brandnew terminal on a new location, including a suway station and line connecting directly to the Olympic Park and Venues as well as and additional directly into ChaoYang Business District. The new Terminal itself will be an architectural masterpiece of sorts, a grandiose piece to show-off the new Beijing.
Next additions to the city transport system are the opening of several new metro/subway lines and a multitude of new stations. We will bring you a more detailed guide to the new system, after the latest line No. 10 opens (partially) in September. For now the main travel tips remain that the yellow line has been connected via XizhiMen Station to connect to the Summer Palaces. In the past one needed to take a taxi there, an organized tour or the bus line. Now one can reach near the Summer Palace by subway. A much more attractive outing. Further line extensions include the subway to ChaoYang in the East and Fengtai in the West. In Both directions lines have extended to reach the outermost districts, among things to make it possible for commuters to reach the city by car, then travel around the city by subway/metro.
Other news on the subway follows.
Next up the Trains and Train Stations of Beijing. Loyal viewers have long been waiting for that and finally we can give you some decent and useful information which is up to our standards. With these tips you can reach destination, no doubt. Check out the overall Introduction to the Beijing City Public Transportation System for the most basic information, including the correct station to reach the Great Wall of China at Badaling. It is XizhiMen, The North Station. Go to our report page on the Beijing Western Railway Station for very detailed information on how to get tickets for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Beijing is the First Station on this very interesting train-ride to the City of Lhasa in Tibet and the roof of the world !
The information on Beijing’s Main Station, Beijing Zhan, in south-east corner of the Dongcheng District has not been added yet, but will follow in the coming weeks.
Meanwhile there have been many more additions on and around our website. Perhaps you have already found some. If not : Have a look at our Introduction to Hebei Province, which is the Province of China that Beijing City Province is part of.  For some good first information on the province, read the story on this page and browse around the many maps. This general information page gives a good idea and backgrounds to the Great Wall of China of the Ming Dynasty and includes a map of it’s shematic path.  And .. if that is not enough for now.
In those seven months of absence before the last Blog Item, we also added the same on Shanxi Province. Find an Introduction Page to this Province now available inside www.chinareport.com too ! For even more information and the best details on Shanxi Province, turn the page and read through our Full Historic Introduction to Shanxi Province. Shanxi’s most famous landmark, 4Th Century Statue remnants from the Silk Road known as the Yungang Caves and the nearby City of Datong have also been partially covered by us.
Enjoy the many photos and growing texts! We provided some easy listening music here and there to make your reading a more comfortable and fun experience. More Beijing Additions in the next Blog Item !
Photo 1: Schematic of the Beijing Subway in November 2004. A Northern Ring connects to Summer Palace than back Via Olympic Park to the City Center. More has been added since !
Photo 2: Doc Ben at Shen Wu Men, the Forbidden City North Gate. Drive and Park your bicycle anywhere and go photograph and see Beijing !

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    • DrBen.com says:

      Hi John, thank you for your message.
      Actually, we don’t do much on this Blog anymore. Maybe we will used it again when on the road,
      but anyway … you are very welcome. And get a thanks!
      So you are involved in scouting out the subway / metro system?
      How very useful ! – My, if you make it a good one we might be inclined to link our stuff to your work.
      Is that an idea?
      We can’t do everything by ourselves (not in the short term anyway), so – yes..
      we have been calling on others to join up with us.
      Sounds like you might be one of the enthusiasts we care so much for.

      : )

      Pls do come around on Facebook and join our China Travel Club https://www.facebook.com/pages/China-Travel-Community/139213939478732
      which is also kind of our interactive platform for exchange of information and passions.


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