First 2009 Update on The China Report

Already Mid-April in 2009 AD, and after a short & very necessary Easter Holiday,  DrBen returns refreshed to his (Favorite) Life’s Mission – The China Report.
Some very sunny and pleasant spring days have passed, among things seeing DrBen return to his Dutch roots as well as exploring Old "Guanxi" Connections in the Political Capital of The Netherlands, The Hague.  Many new plans  and idea’s to be developed have been set up for the coming few Months,  including the phased introduction of new system including google maps, more emphasis on e-commerce and a broader line of products to add to your information and our China Report Stories, a new expedition to The Peoples Republic of China and then some.
Depending on YOUR donations and your help in funding the China Report Project, plenty of new subjects and site-additions will pass the Review in April and May of 2009. So, stay "tuned".
Meanwhile, DrBen and his China Report Staff hope you had an equally pleasant and enjoyable Easter Holiday.
We now Return from a very lenghty absence to Update The China Report MSN Blog.  Although this Blog was inactive for months on End, many new information pages have been created inside DrBen.Net and  Starting with the Latest, Largest and Most Popular subject- The Great Wall of China, in the coming weeks we will attempt to Track Back in Time and provide a small overview of the Best New Publications involving Dunhuang and JiayuGuan on The Silk Road in Gansu Province, overviews of the Manchurian Provinces of Liaoning and Jilin, added Maps of China, some useful Reports on various Ethnic Minorities in China and their Locations and other worthwhile additions.
Let’s Have a Look.
The Great Wall of China:
To Kick Off our journey back in Time at DrBen.Net let’s first focus on the awe inspiring Grandeur of one of the largest engineering feats in ancient Chinese and Human History, the construction, maintainance and defense of The Great Wall of China.
As described in our Recently Updated Introduction to this Historic Marvel, the current day remnants of the Chinese Wall date mainly from the Ming Dynasty Era (1368 AD – 1644 AD) and stretch across an amazing variety of terrains, climates and ethnic boundaries. All of these make China’s Great Wall unique and contribute to the might of its story, the fascinating story of Chinese Civilization , the Inner Kingdom and its Walled Borders , The Nomadic Tribes and the ancient Silk Road.
(Photo: Great Wall of China at Luowenyu , as Photographed by Willam Geil in 1908 AD)
 Some parts of the current day Great Wall of China have been restored and many locations can be visited today. 
Having 1st visited China’s Renowned Wall in Januari of the Year 2000 at Badaling near Beijing, it took until November and December of 2008 AD when DrBen went almost  the entire length, all the way from China’s Capital City at Beijing to Dunhuang Oasis between the Gobi Desert and the Taklamakan Desert (Takla-amakan) to finally take up the considerable challenge of covering the venerable old wall and so make his personal Tribute to it.
In the new Great Wall of China Report, we travel the length of the Wall from the oldest sections that date to the Han Dynasty Era (206 BC – 221 AD)  far away in the Western Deserts, on a splendid journey through 5 Northern Provinces and One Autonomous Region, to the Eastern Coast at Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province.
So far available for readers to explore: two quite spectacular Great Wall of China locations in Gansu ProvinceDunhuang Area and Jiayuguan Area Great Wall.  Then skipping over several Wall locations in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region there are completed Reports on three Great Wall of China Sites in Shaanxi ProvinceYanchi, Dingbian and Yulin Fortress . Further Eastward Three more Great Wall of China sites in (North) Shanxi ProvincePian Guan– where the Great Wall meets the Yellow River, Yanmen Guan – the Wild Goose Pass and Pingxing Guan – The Flat Pass and site of the Pingxing Victory over the Invading Japanese in 1937 AD.
The Latter two Passes belong to an Inner Layer of the Great Wall. The Great Wall of China has multple layers, especially around Beijing,  a concept and fact not everyone has yet heard about.  Surely, this is a subject we can help clarify !
Last but not least there are several sections of The Great Wall of China in Hebei Province already available with text and (some) photo and video-material. Have Fun browsing these new Report Pages while the China Report Staff works around the clock to include all available source information and publish the best and most complete info on more Great Wall of China Locations.
(Image: Map of China, the Path of the Great Wall and its relation to Cities, Nations, Rivers and the
 Pathway of the Ancient Silk Road in China.)
In the next phase, later this year China Report will travel back to China and take you even further, to the (almost) very Eastern End of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall (Overview Map), the Great Wall of Tiger Mountain, overlooking the Yalu River near Dandong in Liaoning Province on the North Korean Border.
Last but not Least in November DrBen will return to his 2008 steps and make a lenghty tour of Gansu Province, planning to visit a number of Great Wall Sites in Gansu and possibly Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, an ethnic enclave locked between deserts and nourished by The Great Yellow River (Huang He). Changes of Plan may come at any Time, naturally, as DrBen enjoys wild travel best.
As the most popular subject regarding China on The Internet, DrBen has long felt he had been given too little Time and Opportunity to honor The Great "Wan Li Chang Cheng", the 10.000 Li Long Wall.  Follow the below story and learn some facts on The Great Wall, discover some Great Scenery and Travel with DrBen -or on your very own-  using the internet, our information and perhaps your very feet, to GO AND uncover romantic hints of the mystique of the Silk Road.
(Images: Great Wall of China on a Steep Cliff at a (so-far) un-identified location.
Link: Guide Book – enjoy China to its Fullest, available from our Online Store)
Join the Adventure now and Meet The Great Wall of China in Person:
For early birds and eager Travelers who cant wait to get on the Road and see the Great Wall in China for themselves,  please use our recently prepared Listing of GPS Coordinates of Great Wall of China Locations, to plan your very own Mission.
In Fact: Anyone can Bring their Blackberry or other Mobile Device along on their Trip to China, can join up with DrBen at Google Latitude, and enjoy the 2009 AD Season traveling in China while sending your Reports and Video’s in to The China Report and your own Blog, FaceBook Page or any other online digital media you may prefer.
Help create a document on The Globally Famous World Cultural Heritage Chinese Great Wall and have the trip of a life-time in the same go ! The Media? That is YOU !
Next up: "Official Opening" of  our section on Gansu Province in West China, currently under development.


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