Belated Spring Festival, on Valentines Day !

My, the 14Th of Februari and Valentine’s Day are here already. High Time for DrBen to get back on the Blog and belatedly wish all of our DrBen.Net and visitors and Fans are very Happy Chinese New Year ! A Warm welcome to the Year of the Rat from DrBen and of course, our greatest wishes for your success and more importantly, we wish you health and good spirits in the Chinese Year of 2008 !
Hmm, yes people – it is just one of the fun benifits of adopting China as my country of interest and Chinese Culture as my try out and leisure time hobby. Eversince I did that – at least I have been getting to celebrate the New years TWICE very year !
Now, that can’t be all bad. Certainly not if you are a bit familiar with the liveliness of Chinese New Year, aka the Spring Festival. 
Although this year our TV’s only saw terrible snows, traffic delays, electricity outages and even food shortages on a Nationwide Basis, normally, the Spring Festival for Chinese is the Koziest time of the year. And it is not like in the West and in The Netherlands !! Not at all. In China, stores and markets are at their busiest times humming with activity. Decorations are abundant and everyone is relaxed and having a good time. The best snacks are produced, and enjoyed – whilefamilies and old friends come together, and yet for the best – opening hours seem to be near infinite. If you don’t mind the crowds, shopping in Beijing in these days is a Buzzz. Make sure you make good reservations, for everything will be booked full well in advance, and you will share in a great cultural experience. Probably as much fun as the coming Olympics which will be spectacular, but also massive and exhausting. A great idea as an alternative to those crowds !
 Music of the Day: Ching Ming festival at BiangLiang River.
That said – this year it was a lonely Chinese New Year for DrBen since his very own Chinese Little Lady is on study-exchange, and therefor been relocated once more – to a little rural place in Cold Canada. Talk about a Cold Case ! In this regard the two of us shared in the faith of many many Chinese this Years. Poor Her !  Poor DrBen !  So, it was a meager celebration to say the least. Still, it made me a bit cheery to have a 2nd new year.
It is not in DrBen’s caracter to go any further into this suffering that recently occured, however, and so- he and therefor China Report are already looking to the Future again.
For one – If you are in sympathy with us and , ofcourse, would like to see MORE of the China Report …. Please Please Please support us and buy the DVDs, Books and services offered through our website. Quality and satisfaction guaranteed. !! In Return, you will send DrBen on yet another discovering Tour of Cina, and will bring a Chinese Girl back to her homeland for recovery.  Now, isn’t that donating to a good cause ? We will surely use your funding to extend this website as much as we can. We plan to make it a place of entertainment and leisure, as well as a place of knowledge and learning. Have Fun, see the documentaries, read the books, and share your experiences on our new Forum !!!
(More on the China Report Forum and other technical upgrades + addtions in a later Blog Item).
Secondly, as for looking to the future instead of sobbing at missed chances,  DrBen has more or less vowed (to himself) to witness the next Spring Festival in no other Place than Pingyao. This destination has long been on our list of must-visits, however twice already we have missed opportunities to go there and see, experience and photograph it all. Mind You – Pingyao is about a 16 or 18 hour train Journey from Beijing Western Station to Begin with. Although traveling options have improved remarkably in the last two years, Pingyao is still remote. Furthermore, in the area of South Shanxi Province, there is so much to see and document, that a proper preparation for the travels and planning of locations to visit is a must. Especially if you are into creating a website on the subjects. The City of Pingyao complete is a World Heritage Site comparable to the Forbidden City in Beijing ! It is a real challenge. But .. it would also be a great experience, a super-holiday, – well deserved- and an ambitious project with possible magnificent results.
Hmm, if you would help out DrBen right now he would the direct Plane to TaiYuan and do a first round of scouting and photography in the area.
Probably the next Blog Item would come from Pingyao !
  Cover of the DVD Documentary Box "Shanxi BusinessMen".
On his latest tour through China DrBen discovered a jewel of a Documentary (the "Shanxi BusinessMen"), which was very inspriring. This 6 DVD Documentary highlights the entire history of the Shanxi Traders that founded a home of commercial Dynasties, Not only Pingyao was their treasure, nearby towns are equally rich in culture, with altogether over a 1000 preserved Family Estates in South Shanxi Province alone.
The Shanxi Bussinesmen Documentary will be highlighted in another Blog Item, but as far as inspirations go. The Wu Tai Shan of Shanxi, and the City of Pingyao were already near top of the list.  Missing out on it last November/December for lack of available finance, next opportunity we get, DrBen, Caroline and China Report will descend on Shanxi Province !!
Coming month is a great time for good photography, and some healthy chinese food would be a good thing for DrBen as well.
The longer he spends behind his computer uploading, adding text and even doing some graphics design, all this while running a second business and overseeing the development of and now The More his Health declines !!
DrBen is a workaholic when it comes to Chinese Affairs. His only rescue is his stash of fresh Chinese Tea. And ofcourse the thought of the next tour of China…..
Help DrBen on his way and participate in the creation of a great and entertaining China Community !!
Why Not ?
More on that and on the Latest Tour, involving Gansu province and the Taklamakan Desert, in the next Blog Item


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