Hidden Treasure in Beijing – First Film in China Memorial Cinema

While, as mentioned in our previous Blog Item, the QianMen Area of Beijing and QianMen Dajie’ – part of the ancient entrance into the (former) Imperial City – are under reconstruction to be modernized into a pleasant car free shopping whalhalla, Dashilar – Beijing’s Number 2 Old Shopping Street is still operating as usual, vibrant, alive and well !
After our disastrous attempt to Fly out to the far West, and start the China Report’s Full coverage of the ancient silk road path in China, not all of the day was lost. On the contrary ! Stay with this Blog and find out some of the lesser known details on this ancient area of Beijing. While still not every arriving tourist is familiar with Dashilar – Big Railings Street in the Xuanwu District, below a small Report on our Visit to the Birthplace of Chinese Cinema.
Yes, it was just about here, in the year 1905 AD, that the First Ever Chinese Film was created !
Dashilar for 600 years already has been among the Top Places to do your shopping in Beijing (See – China Report – Beijing – Xuanwu District Introduction & Menu). Next to Wanfujing, now once again the Most Exclusive Shopping Street in the City of Beijing, Dashilar has always been the other choice. Although recently somewhat lost to the eye of the many visitors to Beijing, due to the modernity and the Glitter and Glamour of revived Wanfujing, Dashilar had it all, and still does ! Especially when one is looking for a good bargain !
Among the better known establishments of Dashilar Street, first of all the TongRenTang Medical Store, established by one of Beijing’s first succesful commercial Families – the TongRenTang’s. The store must be one of the most famous addresses to get your herbal medicines and/or engage in an on the spot lesson in Chinese Traditional Medicines (TCM). Looking for Ginseng ? Get it fresh and in abundant varieties at the TongRenTang Store !
Other stores include the Beijing Silk Store, with a longstanding reputation in quality silks, the large Ten Fu Tea House, not an original item in the street, but certainly for years now a welcome addition, and lately – the Da Guan Lou Cinema.
Although the original Da Guan Lou Cinema was lost in history, recently – it has been reopened at Dashilar East Street !
In 1905 AD …. -incomplete, more follows
Da Guan Lou Cinema, No. 36 Da za lan Street, QianMen Area of Xuanwu District in Beijing. HomePage / URL: http://www.zhdyy.com.cn

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    nice site. I think Chinese memorials are very nice and I personally am very much impressed


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