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The Year keeps on rolling in with more spectacularly good news !  Finally, after a lenghty absence of now over a year Dr.Ben is returning to China for another grand tour of the most spectacular historic sites !
In the coming month – we will return to Beijing, the Capital of China and in the coming year the Host to the No Doubt impressing Olympic Games.
Tickets have just gone on sale and already the system is warped into overload ! Mind you .. this promises all kinds of things ..
In Beijing we will be covering some of the Corners we have not yet seen, as well as focus on the newly completed Beijing Subway Transportation System and ofcourse .. the New Olympic Architecture and New Capital Airport Terminal. We shall have to see where to go exactly, but no doubt a lot of hiking will be done and many a new treasure will be found.
After trying to "complete" (impossible!) our Coverage of the City of Beijing, take to the air and follow DrBen to the Far West on his partial tour of the Silk Road.
First destination on the Silk Road will be another location of ancient Buddhist Statues, the small and mythical city of Dunhuang with it’s World Heritage 4Th Century Mochao Caves. Dunhuang is located in Gansu Province, and lies at the top of the Hexi Corridor, once the pathway to safety withing the Inner Lands of China.
A sudden lush oasis in between the barren mountains and deadly sands of the Gobi Desert, Dunhuang was noted in the Marco Polo Book as a location of Caves with 1000’s of Buddha Statues and many other wonders. It was the home of watermelon , fresh fisheries and abundant crop.
There were and  are many other wonders to explore too. We expect to make a lenghty visit of the famed romantic crescent shaped pool and nearby towering sand-dunes. Then there is the Sanwei Holy Mountain Range with it’s Guanyin Well, the Yangguan Pass and South Lake in the South and another Pass, this one on the outer layer of the Great Wall of China, in the North. We wil sure have plenty of adventuring and photography to do !
(Click for –> Drawn Map of Dunhuang City & Area, for a better idea of the plans !)
After a week-long stay in this very remote place, Dr.Ben shall head of to the South-East, to discover more of Gansu Province and document the Fortress of JiaYuGuan, in history known as the "Mouth of China" and the end of Civilization. Here lies the last Fortress Stronghold to Garrisson and protect the Great Wall of China, naturally a must visit for the China Report.
After JiayuGuan, there is no further plans and Doc Ben may end up anywhere. Lanzhou, Xi’An, Luoyang, or ?? There is really too much to see and photograph in China, so there is always a return necessary !!
We will send our last Blog Item from Beijing when we finish up our Tour with some serious china business there, and reorganize the delivery of our Online Store Items (There have been some small problems, which shall be resolved).
So, after the Buddhist Statues of Datong in Shanxi (Yungang) and LuoYang in Henan (LongMen), we will now go and visit the Famous Mochao Caves !
Stay tuned and revisit this Blog in the coming month and get a small taste what life on the road, in this case the Silk Road, is with Dr. Ben in China.


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