Website Alert – Temporarily Unavailable due to Over-amount of Visitors

Just as we were about to reach a new Daily Viewers Record and are nearing the point where we can welcome our quarter-millionth visitor (in Total), we have to interrupt our website work to issue a Website Alert & Warning.
Please note that due to a rapid expansion of traffic volume, in normal words- an explosion in the number of daily visitors, our website and (the) www.China can be temporarily unavailable to your browser.
As we are writing this Notice, the China Report should be back online and available, however in the period up to November 2nd you may unable to acces information on our website for short periods.
Our apologies for the inconvenience !
Support the China Report ?
If you make regular use of our website and/or simply like it very much and would therefor like to keep it online and see more –> please support us in our efforts !
Doing this is easy and does not have to cost you a lot ! 
Simply use the links to the products offered on and around our many China Pages, and if they are of your interest, buy them using the link from our website.
Please note – all suppliers of products are western based. Delivery is speady & trusted.
Products ? 
Clickable Products on our webpages include: superb Poster-size Photo-Prints of various Monuments, Landmarks and landscapes in China.  Among them too many too mention, but including the Great Wall at various locations, TiananMen Square  and the Forbidden City in Beijing. The South and the West are also well represented with the Three Pagoda’s of Dali, landscapes of Guilin, the Silk Road Oasis and other chinese treasure-spots.
Professional Photographers and Publishers can find high-grade photography through our links to, the (commercial) stock photography library. Coming 2008 we expect to offer our own collection of prints and products through wwww.ChinaPhoto.Eu and ofcourse our very own DrBen.Net Online Store. The Store is now also avaible under the URL –
Furthermore there are plenty of interesting videos to buy and enjoy at home.  Order the renowned Video Documentary on Chairman Mao based on the Jonathan Spence Book, find out about the cultural revolution,  find out about chinese culture or simply enjoy chinese cinema by clicking the link and ordering dvd for sometimes as little as under 10 US dollars !!
The next category includes many books and historic DVDS written and produced in China. These we mainly offer through our Online Store.
For travelers there is a choice of many Hotels in China, including Hotels in remote places. Book them directly Online through our China Hotel Search Engine or go for the Luxury and Trusted option through our Marriot Hotels direct Booking Links.
In the Future we intend to bring more reviews of the most interesting, historic, best located or simply most luxurious hotels in China.
If you are in need of airline Tickets, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (combined with Air France) can serve you as well. And last but not least we offer the option for car rental bookings, travel insurance and a number of other handy services.
Please use our Links and keep our website on air and growing.
Thank you very much for the Support !


I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of and and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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