Further & Further on a chaotic trip through the City of Beijing and beyond !

By now it has been no less than 7 more Months since we’ve updated our China Report-Blog  with a New Years Item in which we intended to give you the latest in our Huge List of uploads to the Virtual City of Beijing and other segments of our China Report-website. We were further supposed to explain to you about another wave of additions, completely transforming our website in another huge and even more ambitious blow, which was to include a total systems upgrade.
We were also planning to make this blog once more an interesting and Fun Journey through China, and a way to find your way to our latest presentations, while leaning back in your armchair to enjoy the views.
However –
Sadly – again we failed in this. It is fair to say we were all overwhelmed by the pace in which both our sources and our technical-options keep expanding, exponentionally it seems.
Today, another attempt to update you on the latest additions to our website, plus ! step-by-step, in following Blog Items a good introduction to our Projected Plans for the period between Right-Now, and the Date of Januari 1, 2008, which will open the Olympic Year for the City of Beijing.
But First below – a message from our combined China Report Staff.
Dear Viewers – Please don’t ever think the China Program has not been in progress every day, in one way or another.
It certainly was – as a matter of fact we have found so many new sources, and had so many new opportunities to think about and deal with, that our entire Team was flooded for a very long Time.
After the Storm was over, it had already turned into Summer and Doc Ben, our Mission Leader, had to be sent away for a desperatly needed Holiday and break from his endless writing, uploading, sorting and directing.
But nevermind that. We love the "work", and the China Mission is a sacred one to Us. In this respect we Dare say: "You ain’t seen Nothin’ , yet". So yes, you are once more invited to join us regularly and find out what we will do to amaze you. We PROMISE – it will be quite a bit, and it will be considerably better and even more interesting than anything we have shown to you so far !!
X – and Greetings from The China Report Staff !
As mentioned in the earlier "New Years Blog-Item", we wanted to inform you on the many additions and uploads to the Beijing Segment of our website – we start again in the Next Blog-Item. The Journey will start in Beijing, but it will expand into a mission through North-China !!

About DrBen.com

I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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