Back on the Blog – China Report Ends the Year with a Sprint

With the End of the Year coming in sight this Blog has finally returned to Full Function, sounding in our China Report End-Sprint to the New Year of 2007 ! We welcome all our past viewers back as we return from lenghty absence during the summer and remainder of the year 2006. During this long period you may have not heard a single word from us through this blog, but mind you – behind the screens The China Report has doing some hard work in an all out effort to complete our site, especially our information on the City of Beijing. To make navigation and understanding easier we been undergoing some major changes and many new photos, and even texts have been added. Work on more texts is ongoing. Our Online Store has gained some unique products only offered through this website and company. Next for 2007, completely new and upgraded Photo-Galleries at www.ChinaPhoto.Eu offering you photo- and even poster prints of all our best Photos, and more.
Read this Blog Item to find out what has been added the last 6 months, to hear about some of travels and our sufferings, and most of all, what will be coming these last few days of the Year, before we truely blast off in 2007.
Let’s see what we have created for you so far.
Starting you out with todays latest photo upload – The Chairman Mao Zedong Former Residence in Beijing nearby the City Bell-Tower, and some late additions to Dashilan Street and nearby hutong we lead you …


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