The China Report Continues … Latest Additions

You may have wondered where we had wondered off to this Time again, but .. not to worry, all this Time we have been right with you working on our China Report-website. As mentioned in earlier blog items, the situation with Doc Ben’s temporary return to the Local Hospital -for .. let’s say schooling- left our entire operations, plus Doc  Ben,  quite a bit in disarray. Having just return from another Reporting and Aquisition-Trip in China, we were forced to put all our newfound discoveries and online store-products aside, and focus on the education at hand while still retaining some of our daily business. As such, at the end of 6 weeks, we were left with a Gap in our Blogging, quite a bit out of energy and to be honest – a thorough writers block.
But Nonetheless we refuse to waste our Time. Besides – Reporting on China, and discovering new facts, monuments and places is truely one if not -the main- passion of my Life. The ocassion of the welcoming of the 125.000’s viewer to our website (Blog at 169501 currently) seems to be a proper reason for a return. So here is a warm welcome to our 125Th thousand and a short review of all the construction that has been going on when we were not Blogging, having a writers block last few weeks.
When we left you last Blog Item of June 11Th, we had been uploading quite a bit of Photos taken in and around The City of Xian, the Capital of Shaanxi Province a city most famed for it’s nearby Tomb of Ch’In Shi Huangdi with it’s army of Terracotta Soldiers and Horses. Eventhough pre-occupied with the above mentioned Hospital Activities, we did manage to put down something resembling a ready framework to start reporting on the wonders of Xian, which – with it’s unique best preserved 16 kilometer city wall- is one of Doc Ben’s favorite chinese cities. You can now try and have a look around the City without any background texts. We hope to bring you the first explanations quite soon !
Many other changes and additions have since then been made.
Starting with the episode directly after the 11Th June Blog-Item we continued uploading even more groundwork for the (Virtual) City of Xian, leaving for our viewers the entire lay-outs and photos of both Small Goose Pagoda and the Great (Wild) Goose Pagoda and it’s Da Cien Temple, in the South District. Go have a look if you don’t mind the lack of explanatory text (Documentary DVD available from our Online Store).
After completing these two giant Report-lay-outs, truely some of our finest, we definitly all had enough of photo-uploads for a while and turned our attention to the Great New Aquisitions found in China to enrich the inventory of our Online Store. Logically – with all these Documentary DVD Boxes plus a cartload of books stacked squarely in the main space of our Groningen, Netherlands HQ, it would have been hard to ignore them. By the time I was "released from Hospital",  I had no greater desire than to get those sorted, included in our Online Store Inventory, and then ?? Neatly stored, ofcourse.  I hate a mess, especially in my own Operating Room(s). Certainly it already hard enough to get all the bits and pieces of China knowledge molded into one whole-and-one website for you, the viewer, so we have ta keep this organized Enfin – As such our Next Activities involved a lot of new additions to our China Report Online Store. You are once more invited to have a look at the new Store additions, some of which we are quite proud of. Enter for instance the New China Political section. For anyone interested in the Political Views, inspirations and informations of non-western leaders and peoples, you should certainly have a browse through this newly added product line. All new – the first addition is The ABC of the Taiwan Question – an interesting and very informative book, published by Intercontinental Press of Beijing, summing up all the answers to the all the questions on the Taiwan Issue as seen from a purely chinese point of view. You might be surpised about the differences. Valuable insights are to be gained here ! The Two DVD Documentaries on the 1st of October, National Day, Grand Military Reviews at Tian an Men should be counted as the other highly recommended new products in the Political China Section. Both films include Great Footage of TiananMen Square in it’s earliest stages, directly after the establishment of the PRC and also include Great Shots of a Festive TiananMen Square, with cheering crowds and a proud Peoples Liberation Army on Display.
Other additions are really too many to mention. Enter a new line of truely great DVD Documentaries, the longest of which – all the in’s and out’s of all sites related to the Ancient Silk Road- no less than 17 DVD episodes of length. Another fine documentary, not easy to find, is the full 5 DVD historic and scenic Tour of the wonders of The Forbidden City, aka The Imperial Palace Museum of Beijing. Named "Gugong", the chinese name for the "Great Within" – This large scale documentary should be regarded as truely the finest in excistance today and cannot be found in The Palace Museum Giftshop. We are quite proud to be able to bring them to you, anyway.
And the list goes on from there – the series Great Chinese Archeological Discovery – adds an array of background information to our Company and Doc Ben’s personal Library. From the Dawn of Civilization to the Ching Dynasty and beyond, take your pick. You may take your time walking through all these new products while we do our best to review them and add description in the Online Store.
As for other Web-Publishing and China-related activities, there were some. Check out the Great New Photos of Doc Ben, and his charming Assistant Caroline at this Blog’s Galleries. As is tradition, we are going to write a story to go with these fun pictures which will be available in the Doc Ben personal section of, but as explained – this time we couldnt find the energy to write it, yet. Also not mentioned were the development of new possibilities of cooperation while we were in China lately. We are currently looking into all of this. And last but not least – this week we had an interesting demo from computer-expert Kozy whom we hired some Time Ago to Professionalize and Upgrade our extensive China Photo Galleries. We hope to publish these for you shortly at the internet domain More news on all this and more  when this China Blog  and www.DrBen.Net continue expanding…


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