A Months struggle to get back Online and Blog

Hello, and we are back. After another episode of utter slapstick in Doc Ben’s turbulent, overly busy and adventurous life we (and he) are finally back online, safely from within The Netherlands and from our own HQ Computer Central In Groningen, Nl. Hello China Report Readers, bye bye China .
Wowwwww – Let’s hang back a little first after what happened over the last month or so, eversince I was in China struggling to get a connection with MSN and update this China Report Blog. Never before were we so unfortunate during our China Travels ! I can’t really remember how many times I failed to get into MSN from China , but I assure you – plenty… If you are a regular viewer you must have noticed. Silence at www.drben.net !
No connection in Beijing, almost no connection during Golden Week in LuoYang, and then again – no connection in Beijing because of an update/modernisation of the Capital Hotel Computer System! Mind you – I was quite too happy to enjoy Beijing once more and look around, spend my time with Caroline at our Bai Shu Hutong Base… Help practice for her IELTS exam. I didnt mind that much. But yes, as a result we were already well behind schedule after the first two weeks of July. None of the juicy travel stories I had to planned to share from within LuoYang, Henan Province in China !
I would have to write them later, but as soon as I could.
Well – That was, as is a regular trend in my hapless life, only the beginning…. Guess what ?? After hanging around in Beijing some more, having more inspiration to photograph and spend time with "Tiny" Caroline, then sit behind computers like a zombie and Blog – I then missed my overbooked KLM Plane back to The Netherlands !! That is just so-oo me. Travelling in China was once again a blast – Truely everyday a new experience, but … getting back home was proving to be a completely different thing !! As I had feared something went wrong. But I had not expected to be left AT the Gate. Gee wizz – True, this was also a new experience..but .. this obviously wasn’t what I had bargained for!! F* KLM, left me standing at the airport.  So, two more days in Beijing , – Caroline was quite happy to get to take me home to the Bai Shu again and then less time before the next Event. 6 weeks in hospital to prove I am a Doctor. Back on the 16Th of July with China Southern Airlines.
Then – home at last !! I was truely yearning to update, having had to wait too long to share my experiences, however… … Who would have guessed – I arrive home to find a Package and attached letter saying "Please install this new modem (by hand) before you can use your internet". Ooooohhhhh shiiiiit !!! Of course it took me the rest of my meager 4 days before I had to start our at the Local University Hospital to reconnect. By that Time I had some preparations for that to do and had no Time nor inspiration to write this Blog !!! To be quite honest, i was outright nervous and unhappy to go back to work there, after no less then several years without any real medical practice. (But that is another story).
– Truely unfortenate as far as I was concerned. That again is some weeks ago now, but nothing downes my mood as much as not being able to work on my China Project. Let that be known ! Due to serious circumstances – like having to treat real patients – I had no choice to once more rellinquish on China and concentrate on medical subjects.
Okay to Cut things a little bit shorter now. We have been back online for some Time. However, as Dr Ben – yours truely- was scheduled to spend six weeks of this summer working as a Doctors-assistant in the Local University Hospital, he has spend the last 3 weeks working 50 hours a week, studying and regulating his business, which left zero time nor any inspiration to update this Blog. It is only now that he found time and inspiration to update this ChinaReport Blog.
Below a listing some more good news – Although an work-overload and the adjustments accompanying the new hard labor schedule left me with an A-Grade writersblock and plenty blog-items to catch up on, we did manage to upload quite a few new photos, completing major parts of the (future) Xian Report Frame-work and adding to the nearly completed Datong Report & Frame-work. After completion of Upper Huayan Monastery and Shan Hua Monastery, we are up to the last item – a near Full Walk along The Cloud Ridge Caves, better known as the Yungang Grottoes. The Caves of course are home to Datong’s greatest treasure – the 5Th Century (Wei Dynasty) Buddha Statues, some of the oldest and largest carved statues in the world.
New Photo-Uploads Xi’an:
Belltower Square, Central Walled City, Xian Shaanxi.
Drum Tower Square, Central Walled City, Xian Shaanxi.
North Street, Central Walled City, Xian, Shaanxi.
ShuYuan Men Traditional Street, East & West Street, Central Walled City, Xian, Shaanxi.
Small Goose Pagoda (JianFu Temple), South District, Xian, Shaanxi.
South Street, Central Walled City, Xian, Shaanxi.
Streets of the Old City, Central Walled City, Xian, Shaanxi.
Tang Dynasty Show Restaurant, South District, Xian, Shaanxi.
New Photo-Uploads Datong:
Shan Hua Monastery Five Dragon Screen Garden, Datong City, Shanxi

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