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Due to an accumulation of problems with our various e-mail adressses and internet providers from China – we are currently delayed in our promised Full Story on Beijing Jeep Tours. Our (somewhat frustrated) apologies !!
Here a first attempt on some extra information to go with our Full Information and Photos on Beijing Jeep Tours and their travel options available from through the Beijing Transport Page and of course the Excursions outside Beijing. To Contact directly with Beijing Jeep Tours for Bookings or Travel options and all information , please e-mail:
All Travel Information on Beijing Jeep Tours available in this Blog ITEM shortly.
In other Beijing News our usual smalll update of Beijing Historic Monuments under Renovation:
1) At TiananMen Square both QianMen (Front Gate) and ShenyangMen (arrow gate) are still fully clad in green plaids and bamboo ladders. As such they are not expected to re-open to the Public anytime soon.
2) Still under renovation – All Pavilions atop Jingshan, the Best Look-out point for viewing the Forbidden City grounds. All Pavilions are closed to visitors, so we all have to make do without the best views for a while.
3) Inside the Imperial Palace / Forbidden City – The renovations and reparations between WuMen and TiaHeMen have been completed. Currently under renovations are * TaiHeDian , the main Ceremonial Hall of the Outer Court, * ZhongHedian – the small Hall of Balancing Harmony in between of the two main ceremonial halls, and last but not least * BaoHeDian – the Hall of Preserving Harmony.
4) Also still under extensive renovations – The world renowned Imperial Summer Palace and Park on Beijing’s North-Western outskirts (Haidian District). The Main Tower Hall on Kunming Lake having been partially completed, the Summer Palaces’ many Halls are expected to be under renovations throughout the coming tourist season, leaving however plenty to view and sightsee. Don’t miss out when visiting Beijing !
5) We close this small listing with some Good News ! – After extensive renovations and repainting of ALL Halls and Pavilions, the Temple of Heaven and Park (Tiantan Gongyuan) all of the Park and Temple complex are now once again open to the Public. Tiantan is ready for the 2008 Olympics in which it wil play a central ceremonial role.


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