China Live – Back in Beautiful Beijing

After another challenging journey , all the way by flying sardine can across the Eurasian Continent, Doc Ben and his China Report have arrived back in Beijing for more !! What a treat ! Every arrival now is a homecoming and the City of Beijing – always seems like held in a forever dream. The fastest changing city on the Planet, bustling with activity, modernizations, .. but .. still always full of ancient culture, splendor and more quiet and tranquil spots. To me it still is a huge privilige be allowed to travel here, to far away, still almost mythical China – truly far away from home – and explore EVERYthing all by myself, in my own pace, and very in-depth. Still so many places to discover and so many sights to witness and enjoy. The culture of China keeps drawing in ! We hope you enjoy along with us.
As we are recouperating, visiting business partners and friends, and choosing our travel route for China, we have little to upload or Report on at this Time. Instead, please turn to our next Blog Item – and finally get aquainted with my Friend Kent, and his Excellent Beijing Jeep Tours Company and Service bringing you the best to enjoy from Excursions around Beijing and Hebei Province. Expected earlier in full report on China Report, you can now find Beijing Jeep Tours, their information , travel options etc etc through the information Page on Beijing Transport as well as through the excursions outside the City of Beijing-page. Travel options include: Hiking and Camping on the Great Wall of China , a Jeep Tour to the Sands of the advancing Gobi Dessert, and last but not least – a full tour and discovery of the Summer Mountain Retreat of the Ching Dynasty at Chengde, in the mountains of North Hebei. Read all about Kent, his Jeep(s), his (so far) UNIQUE service and the splendors of the Chengde "Fleeing the Heat Mountain Villa" in the next full item dedicated to this Friendly, Quality  Driven and truly enjoyable tour-service in North-China.
As a compliment to Kent’s Truly advanced, quality and Fun service, China Report recommends them for any extra-ordinary sightseeing and travel experience in the Beijing Region. A Thumbs Up and   at least for this Friendly Young Entrepeneur who is opening the treasures of the Beijing Region to you.
To Contact directly with Beijing Jeep Tours for Bookings or Travel options and all information , please e-mail:


I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of and and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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