Breaking News – China Report on the Move to Beijing

We briefly Interrupt our North-China and Beijing upload Spree for the Latest Important News  !! – Due to unforseen circumstances Doc Ben has once again been forced to Speed Up his work and plans as much and best as he can. As things look at this moment Doc Ben has been immediatly recalled to our local University Hospital for a short period (I hope) and so … will (most probably) not be able to execute his plan A of completing the Datong Report, then returning to the Beijing parts of our website and filling in at least some of the many gaps between all our already uploaded photo-series (It is a Big City however, with many many Monuements).
So far the Bad News –
The good news is that in the new plan Doc Ben will be returning to Beijing in China immediatly for * his Caroline !,business, photography, and ofcourse a holiday in preparation for his suddenly required work at the local University Hospital.
For only 3 short weeks Doc Ben will be re-united with his "Sweet" Caroline, take a holiday, then travel on through China to an as yet undetermined destinations and bring you some more photos and sources out of China.
Perhaps even more?
Unfortunatly- thereafter Doc Ben will be "interned" in that hospital for 6 weeks, after which he hopes to return to China once more, this Time to help Caroline preapre for her new studies and move there, and for a 5/6 week Exploration Tour along the Yellow River, or to even more remote regions of China.
We apologize for the Many Gaps left in our Beijing Reports. We will try filling them out as soon as we can, which is our usual goal. Our first presentation – The New Way for Luxury Holidays in and around Beijing – Beijing Jeep Tours, an experience we have been meaning to share with you for some Time. Thank you for your patience and please enjoy our ongoing Work and Quest.
We wish everyone a Happy Easter and many pleasant hours browing our photos, and growing number of useful texts at


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