More of the Yellow River and the Yellow Dust out of China

Still working our way back East to Beijing and inspired by the Yellow River and all the new things we discovered about it’s role in chinese life, culture and history. We keep working daily, sorting and uploading photos and plowing our way through books, documentaries and film materials.
First update of Old Maps and Items :
1) Some new text and more solid information to go with our Satellite Image of the Path of a Yellow Dust Cloud moving out of Central China, being caried to Korea, Japan and Beyond. As is a wellknown truth – often an images says more than a 1000 words, hence our earllier publication of this Image. In the tradition of our website, this image shows clearly and in practice how the Yellow Dust of the Central Chinese Highlands, the Yellow River Bassin – a fertile soil to farm on- is carried away to the East by the prevailing winds. We added some newly required information and clearly marked the flow of the Yellow River, which gets its color and name from the same pervasive central chinese dust. The main conclusion  of this image may be- the Dust being carried is not necessarily Gobi Dessert Dust, but a better name would be Yellow River Bassin Dust.
The Dust by the way has been flowing East in several ways for millenia, and so is not a new phenomenon at all.
2) Completing the upload of All Photos for the FULL Report on the Nine Dragon Screen Site of Datong.
–> Then: completely unrelated but highly necessary….
3) Update of the information with the Map of Grand View Gardens, the model chinese garden and park located in the extreme south-west corner of Xuanwu-District of Beijing. Grand View Gardens was the feauture setting for a succesfulTV series based on an important historical Novel, unfortunatly at this moment I have forgotten the TV series or Novel name. One more mission for the future exploration of Beijing entire !
In other China Report Site news : We are discarding the Domain Name "Beijing Virtual City-com, as all our Reports and webpages now reside at "The" at".
As a result you may have noticed some new logos across the Tops of all our China Report webpages.
An announcement from Computer-Wizz Koos Beens, who is currently working away on Professional Options for our China Photo-Galleries –> He is having some difficulty with the high level requirements we are asking for , but he is expecting to produce a first demonstration of the new Galleries soon, at www.ChinaPhoto.EU (and
More Fun messages to follow soon !


I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of and and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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2 Responses to More of the Yellow River and the Yellow Dust out of China

  1. Red Skywalker says:

    Ben benieuwd of je onderweg dan ook een Haas tegenkomt met Eieren. Ik wens je in ieder geval in the middle of China



  2. DrBen says:

    Nou, ik zal ns zien : )
    Hmmm, kan ik ondertussen nog iets speciaals en interessants voor je doen vanuit China?
    Ik zal in ieder geval proberen een paar reviews van boeken te schrijven. Ik lig daar nogal in achter, enne.. Nou, wat mij betreft zijn ze bijna allemaal de moeite waard – het boek over Admiraal Zheng He, de Tales of the Ching Dynasty, met een verzamling verhaaltjes en mythen van elke periode van de Ching, etc etc. Natuurlijk is het China van vandaag een beetje anders, maar – geschiedenis is toch erg belangrjk en behulpzaam bij het begrijpen van den wereld, enne.. Ik geniet dus !!
    Alle lezertjes/bezoeksters hoop ik ook !
    Leuke Pasen gehad?
    Ik wel – en gisteren een beetje overgevierd toen ik de heidense gebruiken van het paasei lekker overgebracht heb naar China.
    : )


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