Between Beijing and the Yellow River

A little bit more patience please, as we work our way from Datong (Da’Tung) back to Beijing and our Feature Presentation of Beijing Jeep Tours, THE extra-ordinairy option for site-seeing and enjoying in the wider area of Beijing without bothering to be stuck on a tourbus. More on Kent’s Jeeps, traveling the outdoors around Beijing and even horseback riding, shortly.
For the moment we remain "stuck" in the Area West of Beijing – In and near Datong in North-Shanxi Province to be exact. In this area, between Beijing and the Yellow River, some of the oldest history of China played itself, after which it remained part of the vital chinese heartland leaving not only the Great Wall of China outer ring in Shanxi (From Beijing to the Yellow River), but a multitude of other historic and worthwhile scenic sites from various era’s dotting the Area. As history records it- Chinese Civilization started in the Upper Yellow River Bassin with the first recorded glazed and colored Pottery dating back to around 5000 BC(=7000 years). As the cradle of chinese culture and civilization it’s rough lands, barren grounds and loess lands are rich in history, culture and wortwhile historic sites to visit.
As feautered before in this Blog – visit Yungang Grottoes and go back to the 5Th Century Wei dynasty, the earliest days of Buddhism in China. Find nearby Datong, the strongpoint and garrison city guarding the "first Pass in China" (note: "First Pass under Heaven" is in the East, East of Beijing) for 2000 years, and read the full introduction to the City of Datong already available from our Website. South  and East of Datung lie the Holy Mountains of Wu Tai Shan, revered since earliest recorded chinese literature. Further to the West, beyond Shanxi Province, lies the Yellow River Bend and the next Pass on the Great Wall of China. Far to the West and South, the heartlands of later chinese civilizations, Xi’An in Shaanxi, once the City of Western Peace, Chang An, homeland of the Ch’In (1st Unification – 220 BC) and subsequent Capital of the Tang (7Th-8Th Century).
Latest Site-Updates and Additions –> Please follow the List :
1) An Update of the Beijing-Datong-ShiJiaZhuang-TaiYuan(-rectangle) Map, adding a direct link to Datong City, the 5Th Century Yungang Grottoes World Heritage Site and adding the new feautures of the 11 Th Century Mu Ta Pagoda (one of the few remaining woode pagodas) and the famous Temple-in-Mid-Air near HunYuan, 65 kilometers from Datong. The Temple in Mid-Air is better known as the "Hanging Monastery" Tourist spot and certainly one of the highlights of the history of the Oldest China.
2) Introducing an Initial Map of the Central Walled City of Datong, giving you a better knowledge and understanding of our Presentations on Datong landmarks and your possible future travel-target.
3) ?? In Progress !! The Jiu Long Bi , or Nine Dragon Screen of Datong, the largest and oldest such Ceramic Screen in China entire ! The Datong Screen predates both Beijing Screens by several centuries.


PHOTO – The "Temple in Mid-Air", also known as the Hanging Monastery on a Cliff, West of HunYuan Village, some 65 kilometers from Datung and smack in the Middle of the Rough Shanxi Loess Highlands. A very, dry region.



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