New Initiative – Topgrade Professional Photo-Galleries

We have long been planning to improve on our existing Photo Galleries, and finally the time seems to have come. After conferring with local wizzkid and friend Kozy wee are currently setting up and testing new galleries with Photos from the Cities of Datong and Chengde (2005 photos)!!
So far you had not heard of him before,  as Kozy always comes and goes as he pleases, but.. in his quest to improve his huge website, Doc Ben is always supported by his freelance computer-geek and expert "Kozy" Koos Beens (Groningen). I hear he is possibly starting his own company offering his computer-agility, but … before he will do so – I stopped him in his tracks .. (hihi) and asked him to help out and build a new format for our Galleries. We have long been discussing how one should not be able to save photos from our galleries, and also how the lay-out should be nicer and smoother, and perhaps – we could sell e-cards and prints.
As we are starting on a entirely new Gallery, the city of Datong, the timing is excellent to start with this Gallery Upgrade.
Since our discussions before the weekend the firts photos from Datong (8.2 mega-pixel) have been uploaded to Kozy’s work-server and a first format has been made. Stand by for your first pictures of the Datong (Shanxi) Drum Tower and the nearby Lower Hua Yuan Monastery, the latter dating from the 12Th Century Liao Dynasty that ruled part of Northern China for a while during a temporary decline of the Central Power. Kozy is further working on those major improvements, among which – you will be happy to hear- the possibility to send e-cards of our photos to your friends, family and business relations. How about that ?? Hmm –  technically somewhat more difficult, we hope to follow up with an option to order Prints of our Best Photos, and have them delivered to your home or office.
-More News on this will no doubt follow, meanwhile if you would like to support our unique effort : you know what to do ! Buy a book from our Store ?-
If you, our reader and viewer have any request , please let us know through a reaction on this Blog ! We are already planning 24 hour streaming webcam from our Groningen and Beijing Offices, but if you have any original ideas : you are most welcome to share. Crazy and Fun idea’s are also most welcome !  You may never know , sometimes the most far-fetched, wild or hilarious ideas turn out to be most fun for the viewer.
Right ??


I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of and and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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4 Responses to New Initiative – Topgrade Professional Photo-Galleries

  1. Castles says:

    Greetings from Shanghai.


  2. Red Skywalker says:

    Long time no see, sorry for that.
    I had not much time lately.

    Have a good week.


  3. Red Skywalker says:

    Have a great magic week


  4. DrBen says:

    Hey Gertrud, thanks for all the Hope and Magic. As you can see I have been quite at it again with the China stuff, so.. i suppose i was busy too. Hmm- my well, i hope you will enjoy my latest work on the outpost of Datong (Tatung) and all the niceties there. As you may understand after reading the latest blog item, I HOPE to go back to China soon !
    (Big Smile)
    Errr- I have to go over to China for more reports, but also to help Caroline pack for her studies.
    Yup, China Report has excellent schooling opportunities and is a equal opportunity employer !
    (Or aspires 2)
    Anyone who likes my work, or just wants to support Caroline in her studies-budget is very welcome to pick a nice book from our Store. Proceeds will help her study Business & Economics and get by in the expensive Netherlands.
    Thanks for the Help everyone ! Hope you enjoy the latest new photo-uploads and my personal introduction to Datong and nearby Yungang Buddha Caves.


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