E-Gay with E-Bay ?

Some Good News early this week with perhaps a small light looming on the financial horizon for this website. We sold our first book through the well-known auction-site E-BAY !  Cheers !!
You may have been wondering what we have been doing all the time, when nothing seems to be changing on our website and all you hear is stories on the City and photos of Xi’An. Well, true .. last few weeks have mainly been spent on sorting endless amounts of photo’s (more about this later) and the reading of various books (Zheng He , Kangxi – Emperor of China + Tales of the Qing Court) but – yes, there was one more activity. What we didn’t mention was another slow and annoying process, but .. it finally bore fruit. New from DrBen.net’s China Report Online Store : Selected Books from our Inventory directly on E-Bay !
What makes us extra happy and not a tad bit proud is that ALL our products have never before been offered on E-Bay (they have a registry yes, of course) AND we sold our first item – the Chinese version of knowledge on Admmiral Zheng He – within 48 hours. Now, Let’s work from that !! (Products in our Online Store are priced lower – help us and buy ! you’ll get a unique book for sure).
Hmmm- Unfortunatly, I must say- I found out that eventhough we are a registered company with VAT and everything, we are still required to "score points" and so… untill we have 5 satisfied customers, we are only allowed to "auction" some of our lot on E-Bay.  Hmmm, neeedless to say – Sheng (=Doc Ben ) is entirely not satisfied with that ! It is obvious we need to be able to put our entire inventory online for a fixed price. Now it seems like we are already a bit E-Gay, but it’s annoying to hear we still have to earn the Title of E-Gay-Lord, or so. Another sore point is how your supposed to cough up and pay even if your goods aren’t bought from their auction.  This actually means, if you offer worthless goods you’re only bound to lose money. What a system !!
Sigh– Breath deeply Benni
Okay so far the news on that. You are still welcome to support the financial part of our website by ordering some of the so far quite unique books from our online store.
In Other News – A laugh from the Dutch Governement, who’s Tax Agency is sending us an information letter on how , as importers/exporters of products from China, we are supposed to pay taxes (Environmental Cost) of the destruction of packages that are not added by us, and discarded by our customers, the 3rd party. Yes, if you actually deciphered what I just wrote, you can now break out in  tears or amazement. Apperently the tax desk has a found an amazing NEW WAY OF DISCOURAGING  Dutch companies from even starting business in The Netherlands. Pffff….
How many books did we sell so far? Hmm, i can still count them on two hands. And then – how many Dutch customers did we serve ? NONE …. Nevertheless, I suppose under the f*#k*n’-Kyoto agreement (Kiddyoto for short) or something, The Dutch Governement wants to be the first to tax their business on this remote crap.
Go-od ! One would think that the one delivering the trash would be taxed by the amount, but I suppose such a simple solution would be out of the question in this over-regulated country.  As a result we already regret ever talking to the tax agency (surprise…) and have started thinking hard about closing shop and re-opening in Hong Kong or mainland China a mere 3 months after official registration. To be honest – we wanna make money by selling fun and/or interesting products, not solve administrative puzzles and tear-jerk at other peoples idea of a bad-practical joke. Or what is it?

About DrBen.com

I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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