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Hmmm – well … I don’t know if it is the artist in me, or the autist – it’s unclear, but .. I simply refuse to write any more text for the China Report website before completing our entire Photo-Gallery on Xian, Capital of Shaanxi!! Doc Ben -Sheng-is therefor still slugging his way through photo-series after photo-series on that beautiful and quite interesting city, book reviews have therefor been postponed. Doc Ben discovered how he took even more photos during his 2004 visit then he expected and must work on.Aaaargh. Ooh no-oooo…!! Oooh YEssSssss!!! The good news is .. some of the best photos will come -as usual- last and after this lot we are really really finsihed with the city of Xian !! (ahem-for now..)

Coming VERY Soon inside our Xian Galleries …. are some really excellent photos of the 8Th Century Great Mosque, some fine scenic pictures from ShuYuan Men traditional street and quite a few others simply taken in and around the Hutong (alleys) of the Old Walled City. I must say – thinking back – indeed some of my best days in China have been spent like this – just walking and wandering the streets of Xian (or Beijing) and just awaiting which scene or sight to encounter. Some of the Best scenes of normal street- and city-life are encountered in this way. Another great experience is to visit the Mosque, the oldest and most important in all f China,and visit it on a calm and day outside tourist season. I myself managed to find it quiet and docile, a bit like in more ancient times, hiding .. no shrouding itself in the mists of mystery on december days in the year 2003 and 2004. Therapy – just a treat for the soul. A great photography experience,  a taste of ancient China and .. much more. Time seems to have gone slower, or maybe it is the imagination .. winding slowly down to those more ancient days. This old structure, a chinese temple in lay-out, has its origins dating back to the 8Th century, which is during the 2nd blossoming of the silk road, the Tang Dynasty… Eyes try and find the signs of this powerful and rich history. Wandering through it’s fine temple garden, discovering as I went with no one to bother my imigination, I had something untouchable – something priceless I still cherish in memory.

After writing some form of initial report on the place I would LOVE to go back there !

In other Photos – the last in my series so far, another treasure – The Small Wild Goose Pagoda of Xian, located in the Southern district, as I discovered just a walking distance from South Gate, then west of the central line. Enjoy this very good impression of the Pagoda and Temple Park, a NEW SCOOP for China Report – bringing the first and best photographic impression and guide to this scenic and historic spot on the internet, so far (Yes, no shit. This is true.). If you would like, please give us your opinion on our photos from Greater- as Well as smaller Goose Pagoda in Xian. Personally, i find them some of my Best !

Yup, not only was finding the pagoda and wandering it’s grounds a superb experience, the results really finally satisfied me. I think in Xian in 2004 i finally came to a new level as a DSC F717 photographer. As a photographer and Pagoda admirrer, cuz small Goose Pagoda is a very early stone Pagoda and a true relic from very ancient times.

In other news ? – None ! That is .. book reviews, as mentioned are postponed untill we can complete the Gallery on Xian. Also- I have been suffering from a small period of writers block …  CA on the next Blog-item with some news on E-Bay and China Report products, hopefully the new book reviews, and .. a first impression of the truely heartwarming book "Tales of the Qing Court". I started reading these small and short stories from folktale and history, and now find I already devoured 3 quarters of the 333 page volume. Ooops  ! Yes – this is a book to be shared ! Especially cozy for the coldest night in March in 50 years, which is exactly what we had this week in the calm and cozy North of The Netherlands.

I am planning my escape to China !!!



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