Back to work on the China Report !!

Doc Ben  has returned from his very-Dutch Cartoon and Fun-website to continue promoting the beautiful country and culture of China. I would say modestly – it’s better than promoting our countries mentally puny and rather decadent party culture. Hmmmm ! More news about our Photo-Galleries shortly ! Many changes are going to be put in effect….
But first – a very necessary update of our beforehand quite empty time-line of All Chinese Dynasties. After viewing the excellent discovery channel DVD documentary on the history and great effects of the Great Wall of China I already aquired quite a bit of new insight into the rich and very long history of Chinese Civilization. All of this needed recording, however.. turns out i did need some time to get my head around it all and get a new, better and more stabile picture. Now reading about the Voyages of Ming Admiral  Zheng He in another book in our Store inventory – "Peace Missions on a Grand Scale (Admiral Zheng He’s 7 expeditions to  the Western Oceans)" I found so many new interesting details I defintly wanted to share these with the viewers/readers. I hope you will enjoy the new section on the Tang, Yuan and Ming Dynasties.
Mind you – I would not pretend this page is complete at all ! Getting a full and detailed picture on all chinese dynasties requires quite a bit more reading and effort, i would say. A lot more…
-I am working on it !- Hah ! Here comes the Universal Ben ! eh heuh .. Man !!
–> Here comes and update of our Source Books on China Page !


I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of and and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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