More Best Images of Beijing and Xian !

Continuing our Work on the China Report Best Photo Galleries of the City of Beijing and City of Xian, Shaanxi.
New Images in an earlier Gallery – Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing.
I must admit just some snapshots since this is not an area of high priority interest for the China Report. There is a new Airport Terminal under construction, scheduled to be in use to receive the massive influx of passengers expected at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Unfortunatly we have not had access to the new Terminal construction site. Yet !! I think I could be interested to scout it out if I could get an offcial invitation to do so, or .. maybe even better – I would love to sneak inthere and get the most lively images. For several reasons this wouldnot be a good idea, of course. First of all I’d be likely to get myself arrested, if only for tresspassing, but could be worse (spying, sabotage, ?? question to our readers: –> what do you think may happen when one snuck into Beijing Capital Airport Construction Site ?? Let us know !! All of us…). Secondly- Even if I dont get removed from the site I may get myself killed. What with all the giant equipment rolling around and heavy steel constructions. Err- so… Very interesting subject. Not a good idea !
New Photos from the National Theatre Dome, a year after our First Photo-coverage in November 2004. The outer skin of the Dome has been applied.
A few very nice photos from West Chang An (Eternal Peace) Avenue, the historic parade avenue north of TiananMen Square.
New Image Gallery – Best of Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum, Xian.
New Image Gallery – Best of Zheque Tennis Club adjacent Shaanxi International Exhibition Center, Xian.
New Image Gallery – Best of Tang Dynasty Restaurant & Theatre, Xian. These are photos of the exterior, definitly the least interesting part. It may also be the least photographed part, so this is why we did add them. We are always complete!
New Image Gallery – Shuyuan Men Traditional Street, near Xian South City gate.
And last but certainly not the least amazing attraction in the City of Xian –


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  1. Unknown says:

    Hi, Ben!Thanks for your visiting!It\’s always enjoyable to look at your photos.It\’s nice to record your experiences.Sometimes I think I should take photos of sights around me, and that would be interesting, but I am always too lazy to carry a DC with me.: )I\’m glad to know you like travelling in China.I also like the historical constructions in China, since I am proud of the great special history behind China.Unfortunately, China is losing her speciality. China is becoming modern and is more and more similar to the other places in the world.There are a lot of traditional things that we don\’t do any more.Meanwhile, our life is getting better. So I\’m not sure if I should be happy or sad.Anyway, enjoy the Chinese culture as much as you can!and it will be much more fun if you can read Chinese.As for the thing you don\’t understand–why we think western women are pretty.I don\’t know. Maybe because they are different from us. They have deep shining eyes, but ours are small. Also, our faces are flat, but theirs are different( sorry, I don\’t know how to describe). And our skin can never get as white as theirs.and the one with the red hair is unhealthy?^_^ ha! I just think she\’s too prefect to be real. Anyway, you are professional.I don\’t mean I think Chinese women are ugly. Many Chinese women are also pretty. you know Zhang Ziyi? the movie star. I got her poster in my blog. I think she\’s beautiful, in a different style.By the way, your Caroline is pretty.( I don\’t know if it is ok for a girl to say another girl pretty in your culture, please don\’t freak out.^_^)Just as you feel interesting or mysterious about China, or, say, the oriental culture, I am curious about the western world, espeicially after I began to learn English. Maybe we both like to know more about what we don\’t know.I live near Dong Zhi Men and Dong Si Shi Tiao in Beijing, near the subway. You know that area? It\’s not far from WAngfujing. But I don\’t know Dong Tang. Is it Dong Tang or Dong Fang?I am not in Beijing now either. I am back in Shijiazhuang, my hometown and a small city near Beijing, for Spring Festival. You know, the most important festival in China, just as your Christmas.Bye!I\’ll be back to enjoy your photos.^_^


  2. Beverly says:

    Hello Ben,Thx so much for popping by. I haven\’t been on my site to much,,,as well as following some of my favorites to read. My Poppa has been very ill with throat cancer. :(My girls Dad married a Lady from China,,, so it is cause of them I enjoy pics, food,etc… from China. They take me to China Town in Edmonton for Dim Sum,,, and we are always talking of some of their ways. Very Interesting!!!I will be back,, so catch up on all your doing.Love Shneverly


  3. dion says:

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  4. Beverly says:

    Popped by to say Hi!!!:)(¯`v´¯) `•.¸.•´ ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´¸¸.•´Love Shnev


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