Minimal Updates from Doc Ben – Life in the Balance Today

We didn’t get very much work done on the website project today, as I am preparing for the Court Case involving my life to be heard in THE Highest Court in The Netherlands. Yeah, whoopie – I am glad.  Can’t say that I am looking forward to it, eventhough it was me who filed the case in the first place. This friday Doc Ben’s life will be hanging in the Balance. Make a good wish for him ! Many !!
It goes a bit too far to explain the details of this here, eventhough getting into this fight with my Professors was one of the main reasons for my first visit to China, and hence- without it there would -most probably- never have been any China Report. It seems rather ironic that the worst nightmare of my Life also provided the greatest of blessings. If I loose ? I am permanently F*&ked it seems. If I win ? I might gain more than one could dream of. No, I do not mean gaining the paper of my diploma (deed) and finally being able to really practice as a medical doctor in The Netherlands, eventhough I PASSED al exams years ago. I do not mean that at all, I mean that I would much rather continue on this path, photograph and cover China, and bringing it’s treasures and history to you ! What I did mean was – winning this courtcase might in the future enable me get damage payments for years and years lost in practice plus emotional sores. This may amount to millions of euros.
Just imagine what we could do with that !! I’ll tell you – if I ever gain those damage payments, no friggin’ way I am going back to work in such a depressing place as a hospital ! Gosh, no. As mentioned – I would much rather travel more of china, find it’s products and create this extravagant website for you ! And myself !
So – do pray for us to win ! Right?!?
Tomorrow we may gain a brightest of futures for China Report.
Okay, well. Writing this certainly cheered me up a bit.
First I could not sleep because of this annoying life-problem. This pussing-sore…
Now I feel better. I will close up for this mornig watching some of a DVD I brought on my last trip. Grand Military Review in TiananMen Square. I already saw some excellent footage from the largest parade ever held at Chang An Avenue – the 50 th celebration and commemoration of the founding of The Peoples Republic of China. This largest ever parade took place on October 1st, 1999. This part also included some interesting early footage from October 1st 1949, the first Grand Military Review, reveiling some interesting historic details on Chang An  Avenue and TiananMen Square.You will find these details worked into our reports these sites in the future at The Beijing Report. More about this interesting, unique and hard to find source DVD-documentary when I return to this weblog ! We will surely try to include in the products at our Online Store.


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