Next Review- Great Wall of China Documentary by Discovery Channel

Still cold in The Netherlands, with minus 6 celcius now on the meter and new snow expected I am feeling hefty urge to stay indoors. No business deliveries today, pleazzze… The streets are icy and it’s dangerous. I therefor did exactly as planned, stayed near my gas stove and kept going with reviews for the newly added products in our Online Store. As I am also temporarily very much done with the early years of China’s Communist Revolution and suchs a serious subject as the author Israel Epstein and his chinese writing and communist career,I decided reading another PFS book was not an option at this Time. On the contrary, this cold day obviously called for a more fun subject to dream about. Browsing through my chinese-movie collection I soon let my eye fall on the (offcial) Discovery Channel DVD Documentary on the Great Wall of China. Here below follows the review result for the Online Store:
Passing from the Eastern Ocean at the Korean Border to the Taklamakan Desert of Western China the Great Wall is the longest manmade structure in world history. Running near 8000 miles and surviving countless of centuries the Wall is a legendary wonder that defines China and the rich history of chinese civilization. Follow the life’s work of Great Wall explorer and photographer Cheng Dalin as Discovery Channels Top Director Peter Spry-Leverton follows him to the most beautiful and historic sites on the Great Wall explaining legends and facts of chinese history and the important role of the historic wall. A great lesson in chinese history, a journey of chinese dynasties, and the silk road. Full of beautiful images. Includes remote parts of the wall. Bonus footage on Beijing the Imperial Capital, Chengde, and Silk-Road stops Yungang (Datong) and Dunhuang.This is the official Discovery documentary on the Great Wall of China. – English Language Subtitling – DVD package comes with colorprinted 51 page bilingual booklet with full text of documentary in english and chinese (mandarin) languages.
Even during the viewing of this magnificent hour long documentary I had to break away to make an update of our Introduction to the Great Wall at historic Badaling Passage. I learned plenty of new facts as I had never studied the wall in such detail, yet. Discovery Channel truely made a great film with solid information and even better scenery. Watching this documentary made my jaw drop ! I loved each and every section, but must admit .. the part on Dunhuang, last stop before entering the Taklamakan Desert, truely fascinated me. They have a great wall fortress at this oasis city of which of course I had already heard some. But after viewing this film I am convinced I would love to explore and photograph in and around Dunhuang, the small Oasis City once a stop on the ancient Silk Road.
An excellent product, even better than expected from Discovery.


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