Connection Problem Solved – Able to Upload Updates

 Finally able to Upload effectively we enrich The China Report and the Internet with new Updates and New information on Beijing, China (PRC).
A Short list :
– more updates to Beijing City Overview Map
– new update of Beijing Online Sources Page
– new update of Beijing Underground City Report (a description of how it is losing charm fast)
We thank you in advance for supporting our efforts by ordering from our Online Store ! Please do. Gosh, you might even learn something…..
Meanwhile we will concentrate on exploring and enjoying more of the Central City of Beijing. Our saturday program: Houhai and the former Residence of Soong Ching-Ling, honorary President of The Peoples Republic of China. Sundays program: the adjacent residence of Prince Chun (Palace) and more of Houhai- and QianHai-lakes.
(We did cover entire QianHai last june, however unfortunatly lost all data due to a badly timed hard-drive failure)


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