Completing the Great Book “Tutor to the Dragon Emperor” and effects

Random uploads around this website including new information on The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, Beijing Zhan Main Railway Station, QianMen Trainstation, the Foreign Legation Quarter and other historic sites around the old imperial Capital of Beijing. New updates to our Ching Dynasty History resource page, all as a result of one truely great book, the dreamy biography of historic (Sir) Reginal Flemming Johnston, tutor to the last Emperor of China Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi. In the words of the Emperor himself "No one has more intimate knowledge than he of the disasters and hardships of that critical period". On to Johnstons "Twilight in The Forbidden City", his own written version of the events surrounding his work at the secluded Imperial Court and his tutelage and friendship of and with the Last Dragon Emperor of China.
"Tutor to The Dragon Emperor", as a biography of course deals at length with the interesting life and personality of (Sir) Reginald, first as during his career in the British Imperial Foreign Service in the Far East, then his wonderful days with Last Emperor, the kind and young, Pu Yi. A book filled with interesting accounts taken from Johnston’s "Twilight in the Forbidden City", personal letters and other writings, giving a unique insight into those turbulent but at the same time beautiful last days of the Manchu Ching Dynasty and the life and Times of last Emperor Pu Yi and his Court. Many details on the Palace Museum, that "Great Within" still luring millions of interested visitors each year. An interesting biography for not only dealing with Johnston and his Tutorship, but also discussing at length, the person, personallity, deeds and history of Emperor Pu Yi. An excellent addition to the books – "From Emperor to Citizen" (the Emperor’s Auto-Biography (1964 AD)) and "Twilight in the Forbidden City". Very Good material for our extensive photo-report on the ENTIRE Palace Museum, still under construction but now thoroughly revised.


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