New Additions + Re-organization Beijing Maps Menu

After we uploading our set of photos of The Forbidden City, we continue with a re-organization of our somewhat overgrown Beijing Maps Menu Page. With the new additions of some historic maps of Beijing, the loading time of this Beijing Maps Menu page has finally grown too excessive, even for a patient person like me. Besides, even we , the staff, sometimes cannot find Maps easily anymore. High Time for change! Luckily we already planned for this situation while building this website and can work with an excellent menu creation program (Xara Webstyle4 – see buttons on site). We should be able to complete these changes in only a few days, without inter-rupting our service. After this site-navigation should be considerably easier once more.
8 Oktober – Unfortunatly my Clients and aquaintances had completely different plans it turns out.
We had an important and very urgent order for one of our photos, to be published in the new Book "Beneath the Metroplis – Issue Beijing", by Alex Marshall, coming from Oxford University Press in 2006. Expect more on this later. Meanwhile we were thrown into chaos for a few days and thus can only now Oktober 8Th continue our work. We do our best to complete as much as we can before our next trip photographing in Beijing and around North China (so far).


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2 Responses to New Additions + Re-organization Beijing Maps Menu

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  2. Unknown says:

    hi, just passing by~nice space.saw your photoes in beijing:gugong,tiantan,tian\’anmen~are you now in Beijing?


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