A New www.drben.net Logo and new Menu’s !

During this unexpectedly short interruption … – Thanks for the quick repair patch homestead (wow only 12 hours!)-  Doc Ben somehow managed to land himself in a creative mood and, in a lost moment, produced himself a fun new and appropriate site Logo (see below). In honour of Herge’ and his creation Flying Reporter TinTin ("Kuifje" in Dutch), who have been a large inspiration for my travels in general in some of adventures in China in particular, we hope we created a fun and easily recongizable "shield" to crown our work. This is also a tribute to China reporter’s Edgar Snow and James Bertram who may have been inspirations for Herge’s "TinTin at la Lotus Blue". Et voila’ – enter the drben.net logo!
Of course then came the hard work. We just spend 10 hours uploading it to half (?) our pages, then crashed completely and slept the whole day. We now continue uploading menu’s finally reconnecting a string of Reports created earlier, before domain change (to ChinaReport.com). Slated for "re-connection" are 1) Vibes, at the now threatened Cultural Colony 798, in Beijing’s Dashanzi Art District (Chaoyang). Next visit to Beijing we should re-visit or explore if it is still there. 2) The Police Museum, on the Former Legation Street, now Dongjiaomin Xiang, still a lesser known Museum of Beijing. 3) Ox Street Mosque (Niu Jie Libai Si), of which we now have full materials.4) an older Report still without text on the Dongjiaomin Lane Catholic Church, a relic from the Legation’s and Missionary days. 5) Jingshan Park with favorite look-out spot Wan Chun (Everlasting Spring) Pavilion. 6) Our multi-paged report on well-known Liu Lichang Culture Street. Although full of over-priced crap, Liu Lichang still is one of my favorite spots. I always visit to take in the genuine athmosphere, browse the nearby Hutong, and .. yes, of course – try and find that one cute or special souvenir that no one else found. Liu Lichang is also a great place to find books. Many from my collection were bought there.
But let’s not get lost in dreams. To work!

About DrBen.com

I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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