Updating Front Pages – New Professional Look

As you may have noticed there have been some rather sweeping changes to the "Top End" of our website. Have a look if you did not already !
As you may know- www.ChinaReport.com resorts under the overall web-ring www.DrBen.Net, the online end of Doc Ben’s adventurous business "Empire". However, in the past Both China Report and DrBen.net have resorted under the same "Front Page" or Main Menu. It was always planned to change this eventually, hence the two URL’s/web-addresses. Now, after a long period of development, finally growing in viewers, business and lately contacts in China and google ranking, some necessary Professional changes have been put in effect. As of today China Report resides officially under www.DrBen.Net and has become part of the Main Menu covering all of East-Asia with a focus on the country of China (of course!). Find China Report at it’s new Main Menu page, or simply reach it with one additional click through by typing www.drben.net in your browser. Find our www.DrBen.Net Online China Store via the top menu, from which also available Doc Ben’s Personal Best Photo Galleries, a Doc Ben section and more. We welcome a new Expansion to Doc Ben’s virtual domain – the web-address www.East-AsiaReport.com and open the websites www.mongoliareport.com , www.nepalreport.com and www.bhutanreport.com. Pass the Great Wall at Datong, and ride the Steppes with Doc Ben and China Report Staff in the Future !

About DrBen.com

I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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