Map Bonanza – A Source(-rer)s Quest

We continue our Source upload with quite a few additional Maps this week. With the earlier mentioned opening of the Mongolia Report, Mongolia being a country highly relevant throughout China’s rich history and today, come the first information pages on the country of Mongolia. What else could they be but two very good overview maps of the country (mongolia), giving you (and us) some essential first information to start with? Use these two handy and detailed overview maps of Mongolia – depicting Mongolia and Border Countries – to get a feel for the general area and it’s proximity to Beijing the Capital of China. Links to North-China Maps an the Beijing Report with all it’s Beijing Maps are included.Then: find out all the individual provinces and their provincial Capitals. More information on Mongolia in the Future, surely.
Other Maps brought an update to our China Maps page. New – 1) Two overview Maps of the Central Tibetan Plateau -2 grades of detail-  opening our first information pages on Tibet, now an Autonomous Region of China. 2) A Historic Map of China and the Far East, depicting China and the encroaching British Empire in East and South-East Asia in 1860 AD, 3) A Map of the Same Asia Region during the earliest Rise of European Colonialism in Asia during the 17Th Century (1600-1700AD thus). These 2 last Maps bring us back to the Ching Dynasty Descendancy Page and the Reign of Ching Emperor Hsien Feng (XianFeng). The eventful history of this late Ching Emperor coming soon to China Report!


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