Finally – Essential information Added !!

Long awaited, today we start adding/filling in of thoroughly researched historical information and text. Concentrating on our Main City of Beijing, we will be adding essential information -still in a rough form- to a long list of Monuments and Landmarks around the City. Starting with ZhongNanHai/XinghuaMen=Gate of new China, and a re-update of our Ming Dynasty Descendancy resource page, will be touching upon – QianHai and HouHai lake area’s (part of the ancient watersource of the Old Imperial City) , then TianNing Temple (an often overlooked Buddhist relic in South-West Beijing), the Summer Palace Park (Introduction and full version), the Palace Museum, the Bell Tower and many more. Later these rough listings of information will be transformed into a pleasant virtual tour and guide for our use, available at (or via ChinaReport, of course).
–> After these updates we will move on to repair our site menus, many of whom have been deleted our damaged in our URL transfer and consequent Homestead System Upgrade. We are aware of this annoying problem and will get to it shortly.
Meanwhile: if you would like to support our efforts, please donate, or … better- please buy one of our many especially selected source books from our Online Store.


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