In at the Deep End – The notes on the Empire Strike Back ?

Today we were suddenly inspired to Dive Deeply into the Sea of research notes and accumulated files, deciding to clear the lot of them as they are slowly starting to hamper our mental organization. Terrible ! Entirely to many little bits and pieces of too many reports in the making. Is web-site building a tedious job ?? No. I praise myself lucky, but yes .. some of the background work does take a lot of patience and time!  As a result we are tired but feel a major relief. We are even proud a bit of completing quite an amount of usually less exciting work ! Many new images around our site, mainly of source books, with links to our Online Store. Further there are maps, links to Unesco (there are several World Heritage Sites in Beijing alone), and some general repairs. All done randomly (it must seem) around our Site.
Further updates tomorrow !! We are slowly tugging this Whale of a Web-Site on to Dry Land…. Much still to do, but we’re moving again.


I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of and and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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