05-12-2004 Mixing Business with Pleasure !

 A sunny but somewhat Hazy Day in Xian – High Time to visit the Governement Furniture Factory of Xian , in the cities’ far Eastern District. We first visited this High Quality provider and  producer of

                                                      Xian’s famous Laquer Furniture last year in November 2003, and
                                                      yes… you guessed it right – Today we are  returning there for an
                                                      initial Business Conversation and to lay the basis to start                                                                        distributing these Furnitures through our Online Store, somewhere
                                                      in the year 2005. Rest of this story must remain a secret untill that
                                                      Time , but we assure you – a Full Report and Information on this
                                                      Factory and it’s products will be available from the China Report
                                                      (Xian Virtual City / XianReport.com) as soon as possible. The China
                                                             Report has as much materials awaiting publishing as it has
                                                                  online at this Time.
Doc Ben’s new fine Laquer Tea-Table inlaid with Jade.
After this Business outing and pleasant furniture shopping the
rest of the day was not lost at all. That evening I found myself
"lucky in the Order" once more (It’s my Guardian Angel).
When visiting the Tang Dynasty Restaurant , the Best Show in
Town and unique to China as a whole, I found myself
unexpectedly dining with Joanna Hunter, Free-lance writer for
No Less than The London Times. What else can I say than that
this was a more than pleasant surprise, an honor even ! Very
pleased to meet her, and … eventhough we did not have much time to speak during the show.., as we were both reporting, I did have a pleasant time over dinner and we had much experiences to exchange. Supercool. Of course now I am very very curious about the article she will be writing (for The London Times) on this unique Tang Dynasty stage-show. I certainly enjoyed it , even while doing extensive photography from one of the worst seats in the House. A very worthwhile evening. Very Good Show. Go see it ! It is a must see. Most Xian Nightlife is quite boring (although emerging somewhat).
Not this show however.

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I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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