18-03-2004 1st Day of Spring in all respects !!

Still sorting through photo-series’ and waiting for inspiration. You might have expected some today,since it was such nice weather plus .. I had some great news, but – Nope. I decided to sit back, relax and enjoy my success for a day. Great to recharge the batteries…. It’s also fun to just only think about nice things. Such as … flying back to China ??? I am certainly looking forward to that ! 
Site Activity 1) new photos of the Beijing Subway. Map of the new 3rd line extension of the Beijing subway , finishing photos i had missed earlier in November 2002. 2) Introducing some Evening Photos of the Great Hall of the Peoples ( which will ofcourse be part of the report on all of the Great Hall of the Peoples ) 3) Idem – More or less. A few photos taken during another evening stroll along Chang An Avenue.
19 and 20-03-2004  Sad and Empty Days in the Ville.
  Currently working on a huge re-organisation and update of the 16+ pages long Beihai Park and
  Yong An Temple Report. First stage is the upload and addition of new photos made in November
  2003. When finished this report will have seen the introduction of an interesting, if not just plain
  great, extra to this web-site. Soon this extra will be added to ALL available reports !

  News: Managed to establish contact with one of my main business-contacts in Beijing. This is
  never easy, not even when in posession of all the correct e-mail, phone and other information.
  Hope this means communications will be re-established. However, I am expecting I  will have to go
  down to China in person to fix all and have a contract signed. ( Isn’t it always the same? )
  To be honest : I love China, and I love going in person.. However, business-wise this is all very
  costly and inefficient.
21-03-2004  Give me a break , will Ya’ ?! (Love conquers all ?).
  No site-activity for 24 hours because my girlfriend wants me to work less and eat more.
22-03-2004  New and Special Maps !
  Dealing a devastating blow to our so-called competition who mainly concentrate on smart selling
  tricks, and try to link everywhere in a bid to improve their site-ranking. But we ??
  Content !! That is what I say that counts. Looks are nice too, but…
  Links?? If you find our website valuable or useful, you are welcome to Link to Us !!
  How about these 2 maps for content ??
  More are coming soon !
28-03-2004  Acquired the Domain Name http://www.chinareport.com !
  No real site-activity as a number of stunning business-successes ask all of our attention and
  creative thinking.
29-03 and 30-03-2004  Invisible Structural Work on this Web-Ring
  Almost no visible site-activity as a we re-structure our web-ring’s back-bones to better fit the
  search-engines and of course " streamline " everything with the newly acquired domain name.
  We now own http:// http://www.thechinareporter.com
  Site Additions – A New Satellite Based Image
                           Map of The Great Square of Heavenly Peace !
                           ( Tian an Men )
31-03-2004  Closing of the Month of March !
  Last day of the Month. Closing of March with a broken promise , but still a very successful
  Feeling. Yes, so far not much text has been added to this this website. That is absolutely true,
  we only started on that today. However – looking back , the Award and Offers from
  Hotelguide.com have just been a Blast. And then ?? Turns out we generously broke the monthly
  viewers record for the 2nd month in a row (2209 viewers) , and …. in the first 4 months of this 
  year we already surpassed the total number of viewers of Last Year 2003. ( 3968 in 2003, 4981 in
  the first 3 months of 2004 already ). We now look ahead with Trust and Smile at the Future.

  Site-Actvity: 1) repairing broken links ( please tell us where ) ….
                     2) Wrote a Good Explanatory Text on the Chaoyang district
                         of Beijing.

eat to recharge the batteries…. It’s also fun to just only about nice things. Such as … flying back t


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