04-03-2004 Clear-minded Thursday

Site News : I had some mail from the somewhat famous Internet photographer Peter Danford. He

  wants me to publish his Beijing website and link to it, that sort of thing. Didn’t even ask for it nicely
  or wrote a nice chat. Hmmm… He probably thinks he is something, that .. or he’s a social-moron.
  Either way – No Peter, we are not going to link your boring site. That is not until you have produced
  valuable and unique information within it. We always use good sources. But this is a bit shifty.
  Please be nice to use. This is our hobby and pleasure first, okay ? ( Sayonara )
Site Activity : added a new satellite image images of China.Did some cleaning up around the site after we had reports of broken links.  Very
helpful people, please keep informing us about this Sorted a lot of new photos which will be coming soon. And yes, then we are still not done. Not even close. There is a lot more of theTiananMen Square, also from Beijing we have multiplelandmarks and updates of them  still waiting, and then ?We Fly over to the Ancient City of Xian in Shaanxi Province ! Yup, as promised we are the largest China photo-site on the world-wide web !!! ( and still growing, thus )

About DrBen.com

I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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