02-02-2004 Gray and Windy Days

Boring and Rainy Day, again ! Yup, welcome to winter in The Netherlands… again. Although I

                                    must admit , we cannot even complain because it is unusually warm at 11
                                    Degrees. The weather in todays China pictures sure looks a lot better.
                                    I wish I was ( already ) back in Beijing. Elsewhere in China would also
                                    do just fine ! I just wish…. Not that I do not have the money. I could go
                                    at any time I’d like in fact , however … how many photos would I then have
                                    ??? It is already almost a fulltime job of getting all of these online !!
    At the moment I am preparing and uploading photos of the Li Yuan Peking Opera Theatre,
    which is housed inside the Jianghuo Hotel. I took the exterior photos after my morning walk
    from the Capital Hotel, down Qianmen Dajie’ to the Historic Wansheng Acrobatic Theatre
    ( Beiwei lu). After shooting pictures of the Exterior of that Theatre, I decided it was such a nice
    day I might walk on through this District and make another visit at Liu Lichang Culture Street
    near Hepingmen. I enjoyed myself very much completing these photo-series.

  Site-Activity: a) uploading photos and laying the groundwork of the Li Yuan Theatre Report is
                          almost complete.
                      b) In preparation for writing a huge report on Peking Opera, plays and Theaters we
                          already played arounds some with the Peking Opera and Kunqu Sources Page.
                      c) As I mentioned that money is not THE problem , I felt that maybe I should back

up these brave words with some action.
I therefor purchased Xara Webstyle 4 ,
a program that promises to help
sharpen the looks of this website and


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