Apparently the Rainy Season started Early in China this Year

With another not Rainy, but certainly misty day in Beijing it seems like the Rainy seasons has now already started in China, even uphere in Northern Beijing. With the gray weather the chances for good and thorough photography of yet another Main Architectural or Historical Site are quite slim, so – not much news on that Front today. Yesterday I had a an afternoon return to now not so crowded Tiantan Park, enjoying the local wildlife (Squirrels, Jay’s and even a few woodpeckers) and photographing a smaller landmark inside the Park – the Double Ring Pavilion. This beautifully light-blue tiled jewel of wooden construction now documented. A nice place to spend a hot but misty Afternoon in Beijing ! Young beijingers reading books and studying around the wooden archways leading to the Pavilion, Old Ladies singing classical songs together at the Pavilion. Birds twittering in the trees and around surrounding Rock Formations. No sound from the so busy city to be heard. A splendid Park and retreat this Park is. Tiantan – or better, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is under re-construction of course. But there is always much joy to be found at and around the Park anyways. As mentioned before in this Blog (weblog) – Don’t miss out on the Newly opened Divine Musical Administration Buildings! Home to finely constructed musical instruments and some impressing Exhibits, this western Park structure is certainly a new jewel in the Park. Coming soon – the Fasting Palace, currently under re-construction just North of the Music Halls.

Today ?? Off to, to see their operations and office in Beijing, meet their CEO Mr. Nystrom from Sweden. We will possibly cooperate in the Future, so …. stay Tuned !!



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