19-01-2004 A Rainy Monday

Sigh… I do think I have a great project going. But as I mentioned… It does take a lot of work and time ! If you hadn’t noticed this online, yet.

In short the Latest Additions:
(The Museum ofcourse is located on the Eastern Flank of TiananMen Square)
2) The Chairman Mao Memorial Mausoleum at Night. (Also at Tian an men Square, Beijing)
3) The Old QianMen Train Station, former startpoint of the Beijing-Fengtai Railway.

I continue working on these huge photo-series. Text, most often, will be added later. Usually after research, then upgraded after new discoveries or information.
Time flies when you are having fun. Or in my case – Time always flies !! Or so it seems.

I intended to start filling in some of the much needed text on the http://www.thebeijingreporter.com website. However, .. too many people called and I had to much other things going on to get anywhere. Bummer ! I hate it when that happens. Yes, folks: this Beijing Virtual City is a  project I want to ( nearly ) complete soon as possible. I want it to look good, and be useful. Then maybe some revenue may be coming in. Not now they will not, i think…
Viewers must trust you to start buying things onlline through your site!
Hmmm…. but first: cleaning up the house for my woman.
We don’t want her to think I’m a slob … That’s no good.
She won’t be Happy then..
Didn’t I tell you? Looks like the sexy interesting year has already started ?

I sure feel like that.
Cuz this is rEAlly my kind of Woman !
  Site Ativity: 1) So far I have again been delayed by people who insist on overloading me with money each day. In between i managed to make some small esthetic changes here and there around the entire web-ring and this logbook.
  2) Since money is not
   an issue I aquired two new domain names for use in a far future – The
  Yes, folks. This means that I intend to visit Tibet someday soon too !
27-01-2004 Tuesday.
  Spent yesterday plowing through more photo-files. I am up to about 5 CD-ROMs of China photo-material from last November. And no: I am not nearly done, yet. Not with Beijing, and I haven’t even begun with the City of Xian.

Site-activity: First of all – Very Good news from our site-statistics board !!
  After some changes to our China & Tibet page , this website is now un-blocked by the Chinese Governement internet censor-agency !! We already had 8 viewers join us from the Peoples Republic of China. This will also hugely facilitate contacts with our business-clients in China !
( Ten Fu Tea of China, The Capital Hotel Beijing China )
As site-building is starting up with a huge list of new digital series of Monuments in Beijing please expect a huge expansion of our digital City of Beijing in the coming week.
After saying Tibet is Historically  part of China The China Reporter is now viewable from within China !
Secondly: starting out with the smallest series, this is the beginning of a huge expansion of this website on the Net. Added today :
a) Oriental Plaza at Night ( as visible from the Capital Hotel )
c) The Oriental Plaza Dayview from The Capital Hotel. ( a short series )

Thirdly I spent my Time polishing up the Map Section for The Beijing Reporter. New Reports added. I also made this Logbook available from the The Beijing Reporter main menu, thereby facilitating people’s understanding of this Site. We hope !

Some more site-statistics for http://www.drben.net. 51 viewers visited this website yesterday, and the average number of viewers per day stands at 37 at the moment.
I just started a seemingly succesful website from scratch. How about that for a comeback?
28-01 Through 30-01-2004 Wednesday to Friday.
  Spent yesterday creating much needed online text for our The China Reporter website.
Have a look at the china travel information ( tips ) page.
It’s snowing just about continuously since last evening, so I continue building way at this website.
New Additions:
a) Photos of, and directions to The Wansheng Acrobatic Theatre, in Beijing’s Xuanwu District.
Photos of the Theatre exterior had been missing from my collection since November 2002, but last November ( 2003 year ) we especially went down to get them ! We are now able to give a full online impression of this famed Beijing Theatre, home to the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.
c) More work on the Travel in China Tips Page ( the text ! ).
Snow in Holland, photo from my back window.
Good News !! Just before turning the page to another month our web-site’s Main Hit Counter went over 4000 !!!
This is not a good indicator for site traffic but we log it for fun anyway.
Most people log-in somewhere on somepage, and more or less enter through the virtual backdoor. Then, later they find out about the huge webring called www.drben.net.
Ps: unfortunatly for you site-viewers – It is friday again. If you ever wondered why there is so little text on this website. Here is the answer : simply because people line up every day and call me if I can please come and get their money from them.
Yes, it is true !!!! I am amazed myself. In fact: I think they lost me there months ago.
I don’t understand why people are this stupid, but since I cannot break the Laws of this world ( a lot seems to revolve around money ) I am defenseless against this onslaught on my creativity. Yes I go and fetch the money. Maybe I will even book a new trip to China already ! Please have patience. Site-building resumes immediatly after collection of ( huge ) sums of money.


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