16-01-2004 Thursday

What a drowsy and gray day. I stayed at home nice and cozy ! Hehehe.

Received an interesting message from Joe Mickey ( see guestbook ) who started The Tibetan Photo Project. He writes he checked his links and found out about my website. It seems I got something wrong: he is independent and does not work on the project on direct orders from the Dalai Lama.
However, he did get a honorific endorsement after creating some of his fine works. Eh .. Okay–> Of course we changed this for Joe. Actually.. I also intend to update the whole Tibet page. But!! I already have too much work! Eh.. Okay, one small note on china and Tibet then:
In my opinion ( as will be writen and proved on this page later ) Tibet is
  historically a part of China, irrespective of Political Opions. In fact: through it’s
  history, strategic location,and it’s rich Culture Tibet has been a very important
  influence on Chinese Society as a whole throughout Chinese History. As such: it
  seems only logical that the Chinese State should be interested in preserving
  Tibetan Culture as they best can while indeed promoting the development of
  the Region. Tibetan heritage is Chinese Heritage, and as Joe so eloquently puts
  it in it it’s true form: a small change in China’s policies towards Tibet could
  greatly change the future of Tibetan Culture and the standing of China as a
  Great Nation on the International Front. To do so could only bring blessings. For
  China, Tibet and the World. It is inevitable that Tibet too must change to survive
  in this fast changing world. However, it is by no means inevitable that Tibetan
  Heritage and Cultures should perish in the process of progress.

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