15-01-2004 Wednesday

Grmpfff.. Sigh… What a lousy job!

If anyone of you viewers think I am having a ball in the creation of this website —> You are absolutely Right !! Hehehe.
True, traveling China and seeing and photographing just anything you might like to , whenever you feel like it IS absolutely fabulous.Then, the meeting of new people and the undertaking of new projects related to this site is also.. why: fun and exciting !! Even the food is a huge bonus to such an already lavish trip.. But, however… please keep in mind that not all jobs are fun to do.
Like sorting through thousands of photos , cutting them to websize, copyrighting them and burning them to CD??? These are all quite dreary jobs that ALways take longer than expected. Or more effort …. because I always finish the job !
In other words, website building like this is one of the better pastimes and ways of life. However,
it DOES form both physical and a mental challenge. I am a perfectionist so I must balance between overtime on the computer, housework/business .. and seeing my body and head do not fall apart.
Hahaha. I just started fitness again. This will improve work !

Web-activity: after completing a 3rd CD-ROM with my China photos I had to take a break.
I sorted 2100 MB of photos. At 1.3Mb a photo this amounts to a huge number, and multiple new Virtual Tours for publication online. To name a few: 1) Ming Era City Walls Park, The Red Gate Gallery exposition + new photos of the exterior ( to weave into the City Walls Report).
3) Tiananmen in snow after the worst snowstorm to hit Beijing in 20 years ( the night of 7-8 November 2003), 4) the Li Yuan Peking Opera Theatre.
I also started uploading new buttons / photos to the Tiananmen Square Main Menu Page.
Li Yuan Theatre Show.
Chairman Mao’s Portrait at TiananMen.
Tian an Men Gate in morning snow.
The Grand Auditorium at The Great Hall of The Peoples.

About DrBen.com

I am the creator, founder, owner and CEO of AsiaReport.com and OceaniaReport.com and specialise in guiding your way to "everything under the sun" on two continents.
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