10 Years to the Day – And many more since the Sian Incident

10 Years to the Day of … We find ourselves reporting from the now rainy City of Xian in China’s North-Western Shaanxi (Shensi) Province, once the scene of another tone-setting incident in China’s turbulent history. A long time ago by now, in 1936, this City was the Scene of the Capture of General Chiang Kai Chek, notorious ruler of the so called "Nanking" Central Governement, by his own Lieutenant Chiang Hsueh-Liang – the Beginning of an episode of Hope and Renewal in the then dire situation of China versus Foreign Powers, most notably the Imperialist (and Racist) Aggression by the Empire of Japan. On that day, December 12Th 1936, Chiang Kai Chek was served back the Dish he himself had created and served to the Chinese Nation for so long – Appeacement with the Japanese Imperialists, even with humiliation and Japanese Landgrabs following one after the Other. And much worse Open Repression of Political Opponents, other political movements and a thorough censorship of Public Discussion, Press and other ways for the Chinese Nation to Unite, trying to make it impossible for the Chinese to Rally under any other Banner than that of the Nanking Governement ruled by Dictator Generalissimo Chiang Kai Chek. This dish was no longer Cold but had turned Red Hot. On December 12Th, while Chiang was visiting Xian to re-establish his Power there directly, and prepare for another vicious Civil War campaign against the so called Red Bandits of Mao Tse Tung (Zhou Enlai & others), he was seized and Captured by his own Tungpei Troops (originally from lost Manchuria) who insisted with him on War on the Japanese. They also insisted on Freedom of Speech, Political Organisation and an OPEN public life, so that the Chinese could unite finally into a Proud Nation no longer bent under Civil Wars (and corruption and intrigue, mainstays of Chinese Politics for over 2000 years), united in a War against the Japanese Power. That day, december 12Th 1936 was the beginning of hope. Soon after the Red Communist armies came to agreement with the (so called) Xian Mutineers. Zhou Enlai visited the city openly, was warmly welcomed and no threat was ever present to his person or army. By the time of the New Year (Western) and the beginning of 1937 freedom of gathering, freedom of political expression and political allegion had turned the City into what was (in hindsight) the Hope of Freedom for all Chinese. The Capital of Chinese Nationalism and Real Democracy. The Capital of China united under One Tolerant Flag. From that day on – China would move to Unity, mutual understanding and respect, and inside Xian all censorship, so traditional throughout China’s lengthy history, was eliminated. A new Day – Glorious and Sunny seemed dawning on China.

What has happened since??? Think about the above, on this 10 year sad celebration. It seems – somewhere along the Long Marched Road – China’s Traditional " Benevolent Tutelage (by Governement) " so long practised under Emperors and Dynasties through the ages- seems to have returned. At the very least we can mention the recurring black-outs of CNN, even in my Hotel Room. Something to do with….(U know…) Perhaps you could leave a note on the subject? More on this subject when we return to our HQ outside China, in the coming month.



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One Response to 10 Years to the Day – And many more since the Sian Incident

  1. Gode says:

    Hello Doc Ben,Thank you for signing my guest book. I just read your Xian Report. It is such a pleasure to read how enthousiatic you are in your reports about what you write. So you are in the City of Western Peace now. May your days and adventures be as exciting as you write about them. Thank you again for sharing ;)Hugs from this little country below sea level :)from lil\’ O goddess 😀


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