More Live than CNN – Directly from TiananMen Square Beijing

 Finally !! After our Arrival just a few days earlier in the splendid City of Beijing, we switch to live RSS/Blog Feed from the Centre of Beijing. More LIVE than CNN’s Eye on China??

Waking up on this somewhat cloudy monday in Beijing I drowsily switched on my Hotel TV and found the CNN Staff broadcasting Live from an enclosed Garden in Beijing. Starting today CNN’s Eye on China comes directly from Beijing to You, for the occassion of the Opening of The Forbes 500 Global Forum, at the Over-Luxurious Grand Hotel Beijing at Chang An Avenue. Why?? Makes me wonder. China has obviously become a Hit now, so that would be one reason to have an Eye on the Country. However .. What it is that is so interesting about the Forbes 500 Forum, really is beyond me. The entire Hotel is closed off for any Visitors, Security is High. No VIP are to be seen, much less interviewed anywhere! Big Business is in Town to plunder China once more. They hide in their resorts and separate from what is really going on in the City. No CNN Reporters are to be found walking and browsing around.

Question: Do these broadcasts, or a Report from the Forbes Fat 500 really change anything for you, the common viewer, or .. for the regular poor Chinese ?? No it doesn’t at all. It does not even give you an Impression of China or of China and Beijing Society and Dily Life. To be honest – After watching it for a while we weren’t at all impressed with CNN. Sure, It sounds nice – Live from Beijing, but since .. they are broadcasting from an enclosed Garden, not interviewing the Public etc. for obvious reasons. CNN Shape up !!



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One Response to More Live than CNN – Directly from TiananMen Square Beijing

  1. Gina says:

    Zelfs tijdens de vakantie nog een busy-mannetje hé?! Geniet ervan ;)En je space is leuk om te bekijken. Groetjes Gina.


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