Night Work on Night Markets

Pulling right through the Night with an additional short Photo-series. DongHua Men Night Market, lies East from The Palace Museum’s (Forbidden City) East Flowery Gate, to which it owes its Name. This open air street Market re-Opens every afternoon offering the best and worst of Chinese Snack Foods. Enjoy the fresh Berry-like Fruits covered with Molten Sugar, or .. go for the many samples of Fresh Meat or Fish to roast. More exotic foods draw the real crowds, and this is what Beijing Night Market is really notorious for. Get YOUR  taste of scorpions, barbecued snake, sea squid, silkworms on a stick and other oddities. A Full Report due Soon ! More photos after our coming Tour to Beijing and North-China. As this Night Market is located conveniently just off Wanfujing , this may become my Main Diet soon. I will certainly go fetch myself a snack at DongHua Men !  It’s quite near our new Office ( China HQ ) actually.



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